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Tru Confessions DVD (TV 2002) UNCUT VERSION

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Tru Confessions DVD (TV 2002) UNCUT VERSION
** If you plan to pay with Paypal / Credit Card please leave me your email address or send me a message on here and i will give you full instructions on completing the payment**

I accept checks, MO or will send invoice from Paypal just let me know.

bold Tru Confessions DVD (TV 2002) UNCUT VERSION

Quality 10/10 Guaranteed Best quality you will find here.

Mine is UNCUT not like the HD TV version with parts cut out and also Mine is commercial free unlike other sellers here

see my thumbnails

Disney Channel Tru Confessions DVD 2002 RARE

VHS copy sold on Ebay for $40

Disney Channel Original Movie 2002
" Tru Confessions "
Said to be one of the Best Disney Movies ever Made!

Starring Clara Bryant (Trudy 'Tru' Walker) , Shia LaBeouf and Mare Winningham

This movie was never released to the "general public" on DVD or VHS.
This was released on VHS "For Your Emmy Consideration" back in 2002 to a select

few for review for an emmy award nomination.

***Plot Summary***

Trudy "Tru" Walker is a teenager who aspires to have her own TV show. Tru is somewhat unhappy with her life. Her twin brother, Eddie, has a developmental disability that causes him to act like a young child. Although he is affectionate, his behaviour often frustrates Tru because she feels as if she is unable to reason with him. Furthermore, she is often angry at her mother because it seems as if Eddie is the sibling whom is favoured. Although Tru feels sorry for Eddie, she is tired of Being unable to pursue normal activities. For example, even when Eddie sets the table for dinner, this is the cause of havoc.
Tru is ecstatic when she hears about a contest, the winner of which will get his or her own TV show. When Tru reveals this news to her mother, Tru is mildly
disappointed at her mother's reaction because her mother does not appear to share her daughter's enthusiasm.
Tru is at a loss in respect of what she should choose as the subject of her
documentary. When her English teacher encourages her to select a topic which is
meaningful to her, Tru decides to take her teacher's advice. With th documentary contest submission deadline coming close, Tru is very anxious and makes a video which her friends and family find boring. Tru then explores a subject which is personal to herself: she makes a video about her brother in which she highlights the positive influence that Eddie has had upon her life.
She also reveals that living with a brother with a disability is often stressful and draining.
Another source of frustration in Tru's life is that she thinks her mother does not understand her. Thus, she seeks help on an online forum where she receives support from someone who refers to herself as Deedee. This on-line personality helps Tru through her tough times. Deedee convinces Tru that nothing great has ever been achieved without sacrifices and that she'll be rewarded for showing her true self. Later on in the film, after an argument between mother and daughter, Tru's mother repeats the advice that Deedee has given to Tru, leading Tru to reach the correct conclusion that Deedee is in fact Tru's mother. Once again, Tru becomes cross with her mother. When the Walker family attends a street fair, Tru confronts her fears: how cruel people can be towards persons with disabilities. This occurs when Tru notices that Eddie is wearing a new hat. When Tru asks him where he got the hat, Eddie points to a group of guys. Tru reminds him that he shouldn't take stuff from strangers. One of the boys in the group is a boy from school that she likes. It later tranpires that members of the group spat in the hat that Eddie was wearing. Tru is devastated and disgusted. When the subject of the crush tells her that she is a freak just like her brother, Tru pushes him off a high bridge into a deep river. Tru does not reveal to her parents what happened.
Matters become more positive for Tru when she receives a letter telling her she won the contest, which means that her video will be broadcast on television. Tru worries that everyone at school will make fun of her because of the personal things about herself she revealed in the video. To make matters worse, Tru's father is caught up at work [he is a brain surgeon] and is not able to get home in time for her show.
In the film, the relationship between father and son is strained because the
former often lashes out verbally and is harsh towards the latter. Unknown to the family, Tru's father watches the show on a hospital television and is touched by what he sees. At school the next day, all of the students seem to have loved and appreciated Tru's show. They clap in the hall for both Tru and Eddie. Tru's father asks his daughter why he does not feature prominently in the film. She reluctantly shows him the footage of him she did have, which shows him in a bad light. Another theme of the film is the father's inability to relate properly to his son. Throughout the film, the father constantly snaps at Eddie and finds it difficult to be patient with him. The audience does learn that the father does love his son very much. Tru comes to the saddening realization that as time passes she will live a normal life and Eddie will always be the same. Mr. Walker starts trying to make more time for the family and be more patient with Eddie. Tru and her mother make time to talk to each other and Tru insists that she will actually listen.
Eddie and Tru sit down together to watch a soccer match they both played in. Eddie continuously rewinds to a play in which Tru passes the ball to Eddie and he makes a goal. Tru exclaims "Eddie, come on! We've watched this scene like ten times. Let's move on. It's not like it's going to change." Eddie replies "I like it. I don't want it to change. It's you and me. Being twins." Eddie tells her he wants to be just like everyone else, because everyone makes fun of him.
Tru tells Eddie that if he was like everyone else he wouldn't get extra help in
school or be able to rollerskate in the house. Then Tru tearfully says that if
Eddie was "normal" he wouldn't be the brother that she loves. Very hard to find movie and nearly impossible to find

I ship to USA ONLY

Artwork on DVD disc only, no cover, no cover art,shipped, sleeve, padded envelope

for safe shipping and confirmation numner for tracking included.

Absolutely NO REFUNDS/NO Returns unless defective, all defective material will be replaced. this is due to of course the ease of copying hope you understand bold
If Paying via paypal please make sure name and shipping address is correct so I can print shippers from there.. thx

Tru Confessions DVD (TV 2002) UNCUT VERSION

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