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I'm collect ONLY movies that have not yet been 'officially' released on dvd in the U.S., or once were are now out of print. My master-saves are either 1st hand satellite captures or long out of print vhs movies that I offer a transfer of on DVD-R to other movie fans as back up/replacements of their own movie saves, for their own personal at home viewing pleasure.
***Satellite captures may have intermittent station watermarks & upcoming next promos***

*** I DO NOT OFFER BOOTLEG COPIES OF 'OFFICIALLY' RELEASED MOVIES... if view an ad of mine with title know has finally been 'officially' individually released on dvd, in the U.S., I'd appreciate message with link to 'officially' released version so I'll know to remove, thank you!***

PRICING/SHIPPING: $15 Tv Movies below are from commercial tv capture.
$20 titles are transfers from Original/OOP Vhs release and/or 1st Hand Satellite Capture from commercial free source.
CLASSIC MOVIE RARITIES from the 1920's on: $25 - By request only, send message w/email address I can reply to.
I send all DVD-R movies in dvd slimcase w/simple artwork insert w/FREE U.S. Media Mail Shipping & Delivery Confirmation tracking!

$2 discount if order as plain/caseless dvd-r in paper sleeve

$20 - Original OOP Vhs and/or 1st Hand Sat Cap 'Tv Movies & more'... on 1 DVD-R... if want longer than 2hrs title on 2 discs, $20 extra & must request. TITLES w/"V" NEXT TO DATE I OWN ORIG/OOP VHS TO USE FOR TRANSFERS & PLEASE NOTE THAT OFTEN A VHS RELEASED VERSION OF A TV MOVIE WILL HAVE STRONG LANGUAGE & NUDITY.

A CAROL FOR ANOTHER CHRISTMAS (1964){TvM} w/Peter Sellers & Robert Shaw
ACE ELI AND RODGER OF THE SKIES (1973) w/Cliff Robertson & Pamela Franklin
A CLEAN KILL (1999)V{TvM} w/Perry King, Roxana Zal & Susan Blakely
A CONSPIRACY OF LOVE (1987)V{TvM} w/Robert Young & Drew Barrymore
ACT OF PASSION (1984)V{TvM} AKA The Lost Honor of Kathryn Beck w/Marlo Thomas & Kris Kristofferson
ADAM AT SIX/6 A.M. (1970)V w/Michael Douglas & Grayson Hall
A DREAM IS A WISH YOUR HEART MAKES: THE ANNETTE FUNICELLO STORY (1995){TvM} w/Annette Funicello, Eva LaRue & Linda Lavin
A FEATHER IN HER HAT (1935) w/Basil Rathbone
AFRICA (1999)V w/Elizabeth Berkley
A LAST CRY FOR HELP (1979)V{TvM} w/Linda Purl, Shirley Jones & Grant Goodeve
AMAZONS (1984)V{TvM} w/Jack Scalia & Kim Delaney
AMBITION (1991)V written by & stars Lou Diamnd Phillips
A MOTHER'S PRAYER (1995)V{TvM} w/Linda Hamilton
ALL MY DARLING DAUGHTERS (1972)V{TvM} w/Robert Young & Sharon Gless
ALONG CAME A SPIDER (1970)V{TvM} w/Suzanne Pleshette, Brook Bundy & Andrew Prine
A MOTHER'S PRAYER (1995)V{TvM} w/Linda Hamilton & Kate Nelligan NOT TV - ORIG VHS
ANGKOR: CAMBODIA EXPRESS (1982)V AKA Kampuchea Express w/Christopher George
ANNA KARENINA (1985)V{TvM} w/Christopher Reeve & Jacqueline Bisset
A PERFECT LITTLE MURDER (1990)V{TvM} AKA:A Quiet Little Neighborhood, a Perfect Little Murder w/Terri Garr & Robert Urich
A PLACE TO CALL HOME (1987) w/Linda Lavin
A TASTE OF EVIL (1971)V{TvM} w/Barbara Stanwyck, Roddy McDowall & Barbara Parkins
ATTORNEY FOR DEFENSE (1932) w/Edmund Lowe & Constance Cummings
A QUESTION OF HONOR (1982)V{TvM} w/Ben Gazzara & Robert Vaughn
A QUESTION OF LOVE (1978)V{TvM}{Gay interest} w/Jane Alexander, Nancy McKeon & Bonnie Bedelia
ARISE MY LOVE (1940) w/Claudette Colbert & Ray Milland
AS GOOD AS DEAD (1995)V{TvM} w/Crystal Bernard, Traci Lords & Judge Reinhold
A TIME OF DESTINY (1988)V w/Timothy Hutton & John Hurt
A VACATION IN HELL (1979)V{TvM} w/Barbara Feldon, Maureen McCormick, Priscilla Barnes & Michael Brandon
BABY BROKERS (1994){TvM} w/Cybill Shepherd
BABY M (1988)V{TvM} w/JoBeth Willimas & Robin Strasser
BACK IN CIRCULATION (1937) w/Pat O'Brien & Joan Blondell
BEAR ISLAND (1979)V w/Donald Sutherland,Barbara Parkins,Richard Widmark & Lloyd Bridges
BEDTIME STORY (1941) w/Loretta Young & Frederic March
BERKELEY SQUARE (1933) w/Leslie Howard
BEST KEPT SECRETS (1984)V{TvM} w/Patty Duke, Meg Foster & Peter Coyote
BETRAYAL (1974)V{TvM} w/Amanda Blake & Tisha Sterling
BIRCH INTERVAL (1974)V w/Eddie Albert
BIRDS OF PREY (1973)V{TvM} w/David Janssen
BLIND DATE (1934) w/Ann Sothern & Mickey Rooney
BLOOD FEUD (1983){TvM} w/Robert Blake
BREACH OF CONDUCT (1994)V{TvM} w/Peter Coyote
BRING ME THE HEAD OF DOBIE GILLIS (1988){TvM} w/Dwayne Hickman, Connie Stevens & Bob Denver
BROKEN ANGEL (1988)V{TvM} w/William Shatner & Susan Blakely
CAGE WITHOUT A KEY (1975)V{TvM} w/Susan Dey, Michael Brandon & Katharine Helmond
CAROLINE? (1990)V{TvM} w/Stephanie Zimbalist, Dorothy McGuire & Patricia Neal
CASUALTIES (1997)V w/Caroline Goodall & Mark Harmon
CHARLEY'S AUNT (1930) w/Charlie Ruggles
CHILD OF MANHATTAN (1933) w/Nancy Carroll & John Boles
CHILDREN OF DIVORCE (1980)V{TvM} w/Barbara Feldon, Lance Kerwin & Stella Stevens
CITY IN FEAR (1980)V{TvM} w/David Janssen, Perry King, Susan Sullivan & Robert Vaughn
COFFEE, TEA OR ME (1973){TvM} w/Karen Valentine & John Davidson
COLOR ME PERFECT (1996)V{TvM} w/Michelle Lee & Susan Blakely
COLD SASSY TREE (1989)V{TvM} w/Faye Dunaway & Rickard Widmark
COLLEGE HOLIDAY (1936) w/Jack Benny, George Burns & Gracie Allen
CONSPIRACY OF TERROR (1973){TvM} w/Michael Constantine & Barbara Rhoades
CONUNDRUM (1996){TvM} w/Michael Biehn & Marg Helgenberger
CONRACK (1974) w/Jon Voight & Paul Winfield
CRASH (1978)V{TvM} AKA The Crash of Flight 401 w/William Shatner, Eddie Arnold, Adrienne Barbeau & Brooke Bundy
CRITICAL CHOICES (1996)V{TvM} w/Betty Buckley & Pamel Reed
CRY FOR THE STRANGERS (1982){TvM} w/Patrick Duffy, Cindy Pickett, Robin Ignico & Brian Keith
CRUISE INTO TERROR (1978)V{TvM} w/Christopher & Lynda Day George
CULT RESCUE (1994)V{TvM} w/Joan Van Ark
DAISIES IN DECEMBER (1995){TvM} w/Gene Simmons
DARK TOWER (1989)V w/Jenny Agutter & Carol Lynley
DAUGHTER OF THE MIND (1969){TvM} w/Pamelyn Ferdin & Ray Milland
DAUGHTER OF THE STREETS (1990){TvM} w/Roxana Zal & John Stamos
DEADBOLT (1992)V{TvM} w/Justine Bateman & Adam Baldwin
DEADLY ENCOUNTER AKAThe Meal (1975)V w/Carl Betz, Dina Merrill & Leon Ames
DEADLY ILLUSION (1987)V w/Morgan Fairchild, Billy Dee Williams & Vanity
DEADLY MESSAGES (1985){TvM} w/Kathleen Beller & Michael Brandon
DEATH CRUISE (1974)V{TvM} w/Kate Jackson, Edward Albert, Richard Long & Frank Converse
DEATH STALK (1975)V{TvM} w/Carol Lynley, Vince Edwards, Vic Morrow, Neville Brand & Larry Wilcox
DELICIOUS (1931) w/Janet Gaynor
DIARY OF A TEENAGE HITCHHIKER (1979)V{TvM} w/Dominique Dunne, Charlene Tilton, Christopher Knight & Katherine Helmond
DIRIGIBLE (1931) w/Jack Holt & Fay Wray
DON'T GO TO SLEEP (1992)V{TvM} w/Robin Ignico, Valerie Harper, Dennis Weaver & Ruth Gordon
DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS (1994)V{TvM} w/Pierce Brosnan & Shanna Reed
DOWN PAYMENT ON MURDER (1987){TvM} w/Connie Sellecca, Ben Gazzara & John Karlen
DREAMER (1979) w/Tim Matheson & Susan Blakely
DROP-OUT MOTHER (1988)V{TvM} w/ Valerie Harper
DUDES (1987)V w/Jon Cryer, Flea & Catherine Mary Stewart
ECHOES IN THE DARKNESS (1987)V{TvM} w/Peter Coyote & Stockard Channing
EVERY MOTHER'S WORST FEAR (1988)V{TvM} w/Cheryl & Jordan Ladd
FAMILY SINS (1987)V{TvM} w/James Farentino
FATAL MEMORIES (1992){TvM} w/Shelley Long
FEAR IN THE NIGHT (1972)V w/Judy Geeson, Joan Collins & Peter Cushing
FIRST STEPS (1985){TvM} w/Judd Hirsch, Amy Steel & Kim Darby
FLICKS (1983)V w/Pamela Sue Martin & Joan Hackett
FOOTSTEPS (1972){TvM} w/Richard Crenna & Joanna Pettet
FUGITIVE FAMILY (1980)V{TvM} w/Richard Crenna & Diane Baker
GARGANTUA (1998)V{TvM} w/Adam Baldwin
GETTING STRAIGHT (1970)V w/Elliott Gould & Candice Bergen
GLAMOUR FOR SALE (1940) w/Anita Louise & Roger Pryor
GOLDIE AND THE BOXER (1979){TvM} w/O.J. Simpson
GOOD GIRLS GO TO PARIS (1939) w/Melvyn Douglas & Joan Blondell
GO TOWARD THE LIGHT (1988)V{TvM} w/Richard Thomas & Linda Hamilton
GO WEST, YOUNG GIRL (1978){TvM} w/Karen Valentine
GRAND EXIT (1935) w/Ann Sothern
GRIZZLY ADAMS AND THE LEGEND OF THE DARK MOUNTAIN (1999) w/Tom Tayback, Lindsay Bloom & Joseph Campanella
GUESS WHO'S SLEEPING IN MY BED (1973)V{TvM} w/Barbara Eden & Dean Jones
HARD FRAME (1970)V{TvM} w/Suzanne Pleshette & Burt Reynolds
HARLEY'S HILL (2011){TvM} w/Christopher Atkins
HEARTACHES (1981)V w/Margot Kidder& Annie Potts
HEART OF STEEL (1983){TvM} w/Peter Strauss, Dan Goodman & Pamela Reed
HEAT OF ANGER (1972)V{TvM} w/Susan Hayward
HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS (1947) w/Robert Cummings
HEY I'M ALIVE (1975)V{TvM} w/Sally Struthers & Ed Asner
HOLD BACK THE DOWN (1941) w/Charles Boyer, Olivia de Havilland & Paulette Goddard
HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS (1972)V{TvM} w/Walter Brennan, Julie Harris, Jessica Walter, Sally Field & Eleanor Parker
HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM (1974)V{TvM} w/Robert Culp & Sandra Dee
HOW TO PICK UP GIRLS! (1978)V{TvM} w/Desi Arnaz Jr., Deborah Raffin & Bess Armstrong
IF THINGS WERE DIFFERENT (1980)V{TvM} w/Suzanne Pleshette
IF TOMORROW COMES (1971)V{TvM} w/Patty Duke
I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS (1979)V{TvM} w/Diahann Carroll
I'LL TAKE ROMANCE (1937) w/Grace Moore & Melvyn Douglas
INCIDENT AT DECEPTION RIDGE (1994)V{TvM} w/Michael O'Keefe, Ed Begley Jr & Linda Purl
INDISCREET (1998)V{TvM} w/Luke Perry & Peter Coyote
IN POSSESSION (1980){TvM} w/Carol Lynley
INVASION OF THE SAUCER MEN (1957)V w/Frank Gorshin
JANE DOE (1983)V w/Karen Valentine & William Devane
JENNY (1970)V w/Alan Alda & Marlo Thomas
JESSE (1988)V{TvM} w/Lee Remick
JOSHUA THEN AND NOW (1985)V w/James Woods & Michael Sarrazin
JOURNEY TO MIDNIGHT (1968){TvM} w/Sebastain Cabbott, Chad Everett & Julie Harris
JUST TELL ME YOU LOVE ME (1978)V Robert Hegyes, Lisa Hartman & Debralee Scott
KEEPER OF THE CITY (1991)V{TvM} w/Louis Gossett Jr., Anthony LaPaglia & Peter Coyote
KILLER ON BOARD (1977)V{TvM} w/Patty Duke & George Hamilton
KILL ME IF YOU CAN (1977){TvM} w/Alan Alda
LAST SUMMER (1969) w/Richard Thomas & Barbara Hershey
LEONA HELMSLEY: THE QUEEN OF MEAN (1990){TvM} w/Suzanne Pleshette & Lloyd Bridges
LETTERS FROM THREE LOVERS (1973)V{TvM} w/Martin Sheen, June Allyson, Belinda Montgomery & Juliet Mills
LIGHT OF DAY (1987)V w/Micahel J. Fox
LISA BRIGHT AND DARK (1973)V{TvM} w/Kay Lenz
LITTLE DARLINGS (1980)V w/Kristy McNicol & Armand Assante
LITTLE TREASURE (1985)V{R/NUDITY} w/Margo Kidder & Ted Danson
LOCKED IN SILENCE (1999){TvM} w/Bonnie Bedelia
LOIS GIBBS AND THE LOVE CANAL (1982){TvM} w/Marsha Mason
LOVE AND HATE (1989)V{TvM} w/Kate Nelligan
LOVE'S SAVAGE FURY (1979)V{TvM} w/Jennifer O'Neill, Perry King & Raymond Burr
LOVE THY NEIGHBOR (1984){TvM} w/John Ritter
MAKING IT (1971) w/Kristoffer Tabori
MAN'S CASTLE (1933) w/Spencer Tracy & Loretta Young
MANHUNTER (1974)V{TvM} w/Ken Howard & Stefanie Powers
MAN ON A STRING (1972)V{TvM} w/Christopher George
MATTERS OF THE HEART (1990)V{TvM} w/Jane Seymour
MEMORIAL DAY (1983)V{TvM} w/Mike Farrell, Shelley Fabares & Bonnie Bedelia
MERCY OR MURDER (1987){TvM} w/Robert Young & Eddie Arnold
MESSAGE TO MY DAUGHTER (1973)V{TvM} w/Bonnie Bedelia & Martin Sheen
MINDGAMES (1989)V w/Maxwell Caulfield, Edward Albert & Shawn Weatherly
MIRACLE ON ICE (1981)(TvM) w/Karl Malden, Andrew Stevens & Steve Guttenberg
MIRROR, MIRROR (1979)V(TvM) w/Loretta Swit, Lee Meriwether, Robert Vaughn, Robin Mattson & Janet Leigh
MISSING LINK (1988)V w/Peter Elliott Narrated by: Michael Gambon
MISS ROSE WHITE (1992)V{TvM} w/Kyra Sedgewick
MR & MRS LOVING (1996)V(TvM) w/Timothy Hutton
MISTRESS (1987)V{TvM} w/Victoria Principal
MORTAL SINS (1992)V{TvM} w/Christopher Reeve
MUGGABLE MARY STREET COP (1982){TvM} w/Karen Valentine & John Getz
MURDER: BY REASON OF INSANITY (1985)V{TvM} w/Candice Bergen & Jürgen Prochnow
MURDER OR MERCY (1974)V{TvM} w/Bradford Dillman & David Birney
MUSIC IS MAGIC (1935) w/Alice Faye
MY HORRIBLE YEAR! (2001)V{TvM} w/Karen Allen
NIGHT TERROR (1977)V{TvM} w/Valerie Harper
NO PLACE TO RUN (1972)V{TvM} w/Scott Jacoby, Herschel Bernardi, Larry Hagman & Stefanie Powers
NOT MY KID (1985)V{TvM} w/George Segal & Stockard Channing
OFFICIAL DENIAL (1993)V{TvM} w/Parker Stevenson, Chad Everett, Dirk Benedict & Erin Gray
ONE MORE RIVER (1934) w/Diana Wynyard & Jane Wyatt
ONE NIGHT OF LOVE (1934) w/Grace Moore & Lyle Talbot
ONE OF MY WIVES IS MISSING (1976)V{TvM} w/Jack Klugman, Elizabeth Ashley & James Franciscus
ONLY WITH MARRIED MEN (1974)V{TvM} w/Michelle Lee, David Birney & John Astin
ORDEAL (1973){TvM} w/Arthur Hill & Diana Muldaur
OUR WIFE (1941) w/Melvyn Douglas & Ruth Hussey
OUT OF CONTENTION (1972)V{TvM} AKA The Victim w/Elizabeth Montgomery
OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND (1990)V w/Susan Blakely, Edward Albert Jr & Wings Hauser
PACK OF LIES (1987)V{TvM} w/Teri Garr & Ellyn Burstyn
PANIC ON THE AIR (1936) w/Lew Ayres & Florence Rice
PASSPORT TO TERROR (1989){TvM} w/Lee Remick & Roy Thinnes
PERFECT FAMILY (1992)V{TvM} w/Bruce Boxleitner & Jennifer O'Neill
PLAYMATES (1972)V{TvM} w/Barbara Feldon, Connie Stevens, Doug McClure & Alan Alda
PLEASURE PALACE (1980)V{TvM} w/Omar Sharif, Victoria Principle & Hope Lange
PLUNGE INTO DARKNESS (1977)V w/Olivia Hamnett
PRETTY POISON (1996){TvM} w/Grant Show, Wendy Benson-Landes & Lynne Thigpen
PROJECT ALIEN (1990)V{R/NUDITY} AKA Fatal Sky w/Michael Nouri, Maxwell Caulfield & Darlanne Fluegel
PUPPET ON A CHAIN (1971)V w/Barbara Parkins, Sven-Bertil Taube & Vladek Sheybal
RARE BREED (1984)V w/George Kennedy, Tracy Vaccaro, Forrest Tucker, Tom Hallick & Don DeFore
RED ALERT (1977)V{TvM} w/William Devane, Michael Brandon, Ralph Waite, M Emmet Walsh & Adrienne Barbeau
RED SKY AT MORNING (1971) w/Richard Thomas, Catherine Burns, Desi Arnaz Jr. & Richard Crenna
RING OF PASSION (1978){TvM} w/Stephen Macht, Joseph Campanella & Britt Ekland
ROE VS WADE (1989)V{TvM} w/Holly Hunter
ROSIE: THE ROSEMARY CLOONEY STORY (1982){TvM} w/Sonra Locke & John Karlen
RUNNING DELILAH (1993)V{TvM} w/Kim Cattrall & Billy Zane
RUN STRANGER RUN (1972) w/Ron Howard, Bobby Darrin, Patricia Neal & (her daughter) Tessa Dahl
SANDCASTLES (1972)V w/Jan-Michael Vincent & Bonnie Bedelia
SAVAGES (1974)V{TvM} w/Joseph Bottoms & Andy Griffith
SAY GOODBYE MAGGIE COLE (1972)V{TvM} w/Susan Hayward & Darrin McGavin
SCARED STIFF (1987)V w/Andrew Stevens & Mary Page Keller
SHADOWED (1946) w/Anita Louise, Terry Moore & Lloyd Corrigan
SHATTERED SILENCE (1972)V{TvM} AKA When Michael Calls w/Ben Gazarra, Elizabeth Ashley & Michael Douglas
SHE KNOWS TOO MUCH (1989) w/Meredith Baxter & Robert Ulrich
SHE MARRIED HER BOSS (1935) w/Claudette Colbert
SHE'S IN THE ARMY NOW (1981)V{TvM} w/Jamie Lee Curtis, Kathleen Quinlan & Melanie Griffith
SHOCK TREATMENT (1964) w/Carol Lynley, Stuart Whitman, Roddy McDowall & Lauren Bacall
SHOOT OUT IN A ONE DOG TOWN (1974)V{TvM} w/Richard Crenna & Stefanie Powers
SMASH-UP ON INTERSTATE 5 (1976)V{TvM} w/Robert Conrad, Donna Mills, Sian Barbara Allen, Buddy Ebsen & Scott Jacoby
SMOKE (1970)V{TvM} w/Ron Howard, Pamelyn Ferdin & Earl Holliman
SNATCHED (1973)V{TvM} w/Barbara Perkins, Sheree North, Robert Reed, Leslie Nielsen & Tisha Sterling
SOMETHING IN COMMON (1987)V{TvM} w/Ellen Burstyn, Patrick Cassidy & Tuesday Weld
START CHEERING (1938) w/Jimmy Durante
STATE FAIR (1933) w/Will Rogers & Janet Gaynor
SUN VALLEY SERENADE (1941) w/ Sonja Henie & John Payne
SUPERDOME (1978)V{TvM} w/David Janssen, Ken Howard & Donna Mills
SWAMP WATER (1941) w/Walter Brennan & Anne Baxter
TAKING THE HEAT (1993)V{TvM} w/Tony Goldwyn & George Seagal
TERROR IN THE WAX MUSEUM (1973)V w/Ray Milland
TERROR ON THE BEACH (1973){TvM} w/Susan Dey, Dennis Weaver & Kristoffer Tabori
TERROR STALKS THE CLASS REUNION (1992)V{TvM} w/Kate Nelligan & Jennifer Beals
THE ABDUCTION OF SAINT ANNE (1975)V{TvM} w/Robert Wagner & Kathleen Quinlan
THE ADULTERESS (1973)V w/Eric Braeden & Tyne Daly
THE ALIENS ARE COMING (1980)V{TvM} w/Eric Braeden & Max Gail
THE AMBUSH MURDERS (1982)V{TvM} w/James Brolin
THE BABYSITTER (1980)v{TvM} w/Patty Duke, William Shatner & Stephanie Zimbalist
THE BANANAS BOAT (1975)v w/Hayley Mills & Doug McClure
THE BIG TIMER (1932) w/Constance Cummings
THE BIRDMEN (1971)V{TvM} w/Doug McClure & Chuck Connors
THE BLUEBIRD (1976) w/Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda & Cicely Tyson
THE CIRCUS QUEEN MURDER (1933) w/Adolphe Menjou
THE CHALLENGE (1970){TvM} w/Darren McGavin
THE CLONING OF CLIFFORD SWIMMER (1974){TvM} w/Peter Haskell, Sheree North & Lance Kerwin
THE COLOR OF EVENING (1990)V w/Martin Landau & Ellen Burstyn
THE CRAZY WORLD OF JULIUS VROODER (1974) w/Timothy Bottom & Barbara Hershey
THE CRACKER FACTORY (1979)V{TvM} w/Natalie Wood, Shelley Long & Perry King
THE CURSE OF KING TUT'S TOMB (1980)V{TvM} w/Raymond Burr, Eva Marie Saint & Robin Ellis
THE DAY THE LOVING STOPPED (1981V){TvM} w/Valerie Harper, Dennis Weaver, Dominique Dunne & Ally Sheedy
THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK (1980){TvM} w/Maximilian Schell, Melissa Gilbert, Scott Jacoby & Doris Roberts
THE DIAMOND FLEECE (1992)V{TvM} AKA THE GREAT DIAMOND ROBBERY w/Kate Nelligan, Ben Cross & Brian Dennehy
THE FIVE OF ME (1980)V{TvM} w/David Birney & Dee Wallace
THE FORCE OF EVIL (1977)V{TvM} w/Pat Crowley, Lloyd Bridges & Eve Plumb
THE GAMMA PEOPLE (1956) w/Eva Bartok & Paul Douglas
THE GIRL FROM MARS (1991)V{TvM} w/Edward Albert & Eddie Albert Jr
THE GIRL WHO CAME GIFT WRAPPED (1974)V{TvM} w/Karen Valentine
THE GRAVEYARD (1974)V AKA Persecution,The Terror of Sheba w/Lana Turner
THE GREAT AMERICAN TRAFFIC JAM (1980)V{TvM} w/Desi Arnaz Jr., Lisa Hartman, Shelley Hack, Howard Hesseman & Shelley Fabares
THE GREAT ESCAPE II (1988)V{TvM} w/Christopher Reeve & Judd Hirsch
THE GREAT HOUDINI (1976)V{TvM} w/Paul Michael Glaser, Sally Struthers, Adrienne Barbeau, Bill Bixby & Vivien Vance
THE HAUNTING OF SARAH HARDY (1989)V{TvM} w/Morgan Fairchild & Sela Ward
THE INCREDIBLE ROCKY MOUNTAIN RACE (1977)V{TvM} w/Forrest Tucker, Christopher Connelly & Larry Storch
THE KINGFISHER CAPER (1976)V w/David McCallum
THE KING STEPS OUT (1936) w/Franchot Tone & Grace Moore
THE LAKESIDE KILLER (1979)V{TVM} AKA 11th Victim w/Bess Armstrong & Max Gail
THE LAND OF FARAWAY (1987)V w/Christian Bale, Timothy Bottoms & Christopher Lee
THE LAST CONVERTIBLE (1979) w/Deborah Raffin, Perry King, Bruce Boxleitner, Edward Albert Jr, Sharon Gless & Kim Darby
THE LAST WORD (1979)V{TvM} w/Richard Harris & Karen Black
THE LAST WORD (1995)V{R/NUDITY} w/Timothy Hutton, Cybill Shepherd, Roma Downey, Tony Goldwyn & Richard Dreyfuss
THE LONELIEST RUNNER (1976)V{TvM} w/Michael Landon, Melissa Sue Anderson, Lance Kerwin & Brian Keith
THE MAN WHO WANTED TO LIVE FOREVER (1970)V{TvM} w/Stuart Whitman, Sandy Dennis & Burl Ives
THE MISSING ARE DEADLY (1975)V{TvM} w/Leonard Nimoy & Kathleen Quinlan
THE NIGHT THE CITY SCREAMED (1980)V{TvM} w/Raymond Burr, David Casssidy, Robert Culp & Linda Purl
THE OLD MAN WHO CRIED WOLF (1970)V{TvM} w/Diane Baker & Ed Asner
THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN (1970) w/Elizabeth Taylor & Warren Beatty
THE ORDEAL OF DR. MUDD (1980)V{TvM} w/Dennis Weaver
THE PEOPLE ACROSS THE LAKE (1988){TvM} w/Valerie Harper & Gerald McRaney
THE PETTY GIRL (1950) w/Robert Cummings, Joan Caulfield, Elsa Lanchester & Mary Wickes
THE PIGS VS THE FREAKS (1984)V{TvM} w/Adam Baldwin, Grant Goodeve, Brian Dennehy, Patrick Swayze & Tony Randall
THE PRESIDENT'S PLANE IS MISSING (1973){TvM} w/Buddy Ebsen & Peter Graves
THE PROMISE (1979)V w/Kathleen Quinlan, Stephen Collins & Beatrice Straight
THE RETURN OF IRONSIDE (1993){TvM} w/Raymond Burr, Don Galloway & Barbara Anderson
THE RETURN OF SAM MCCLOUD (1989){TvM} w/Melissa Sue Anderson, Diana Muldaur, David McCallum & Patrick Macnee
THE RUNAWAY BARGE (1975)V{TvM} w/Bo Hopkins, Tim Matheson & Nick Nolte
THE SAVAGE IS LOOSE (1974)V w/George C Scott, Trish Van Devere, Lee H. Montgomery & John David Carson
THE SHUTTERED ROOM (1967)V w/Carol Lynley, Gig Young & Oliver Reed
THE STEPFORD HUSBANDS 1996)V{TvM} w/Donna Mills, Michael Ontkeon, Cindy Williams & Louise Fletcher
THE STRANGE AND DEADLY OCCURRENCE (1974)V{TvM} w/Robert Stack & Vera Miles
THE STRANGER (1973)V{TvM} w/Glenn Corbett & Cameron Mitchell
THE STRANGER (1987)V w/Bonnie Bedelia
THE TIME MACHINE (1978)V{TvM} w/John Beck & Priscilla Barnes
THE TRACKERS (1971)V{TvM} w/Sammy Davis Jr., Ernest Borgnine & Julie Adams
THE ULTIMATE THRILL (1974)V{R/NUDITY} w/Eric Braeden & Britt Ekland
THE VICTIM AS OUT OF CONTENTION (1972)V{TvM} w/Elizabeth Montgomery, Sue Ann Langdon & Eileen Heckart
THE WHARF RAT (1995)(TvM){WS} w/Judge Reinhold, Lou Diamond Phillips & Rachel Ticotin
THE WHOLE TOWN'S TALKING (1935) w/Edward G Robinson & Jean Arthur
THE WITCH'S DAUGHTER (1996){TvM} w/Patrick Bergen
THIS GIRL FOR HIRE (1983){TvM} w/Bess Armstrong & Ciff DeYoung
THURSDAY'S GAME (1974)V{TvM} w/Valerie Harper, BobNewhart, Cloris Leachman, Rob Reiner & Gene Wilder
THIS HOUSE POSSESSED (1981){TvM} w/ Parker Stevenson, Lisa Eilbacher, Shelley Smith & Joan Bennett
TIME BOMB (1984)V{TvM} w/Morgan Fairchild & Billy Dee Williams
TIME TRACKERS (1989)V w/Kathleen Beller, Wil Shriner & Ned Beatty
TIME TRAVELERS (1976){TvM} w/Richard Basehart & Sam Groom
TO FIND MY SON (1980){TvM} w/Richard Thomas
TO LOVE AGAIN (1980){TvM} (1980)V{TvM} w/Lynn Redgrave & Brian Dennehy
TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS (1979)V{TvM} w/Lee Remick & George Peppard
TOUGHLOVE (1985)V{TvM} w/Bruce Dern, Lee Remick, Piper Laurie & Jason Patrick
TRACKDOWN: FINDING THE GOODBAR KILLER (1983){TvM} w/George Segal & Shelley Hack
TRAPPED (1989)V{TvM} w/Kathleen Quinlan
TRAPPED BENEATH THE SEA (1974)V{TvM} w/Paul Michel Glasser
TREACHEROUS CROSSING (1992)V{TvM} w/Lindsay Wagner, Angie Dickinson & Grant Show
TRIBES (1970) w/Darrin McGavin, Earl Holliman & Jan-Michael Vincent
TRIGGER FAST (1994)V{TvM} w/Christopher Atkins
UNHOLY MATRIMONY (1988)V{TvM} w/Patrick Duffy
URGE TO KILL (1984)V{TvM} AKA With Intent to Kill w/Karl Malden, Holly Hunter, William Devane & Catherine Mary Stewart
VANISHING ACT (1986)V{TvM} w/Elliott Gould, Mike Farrell, Margot Kidder & Fred Gwynne REMAKE OF 1976 w/JACK KLUGMAN TITLE ALSO LISTED :)
VICTIMS FOR VICTIMS: The Theresa Saldana Story (1984){TVm} w/Adrian Zmed
WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND (1932) w/Lee Tracy & Constance Cummings
WEB OF DECEIT (1992)V{TvM} w/Linda Purl
WEEKEND OF SHADOWS (1978)V w/John Waters
WET AND WILD SUMMER! (1992)V{R/NUDITY} w/Christopher Atkins & Julian McMahon
WHEN SHE SAYS NO (1984){TvM} w/Kathleen Quinlan
WHEN THE LINE GOES THROUGH (1973)V w/Martin Sheen & Beverly Washburn
WHEN THE TIME COMES (1987)V{TvM} w/Bonnie Bedelia
WHY ME? (1984){TvM} w/Glynnis O'Connor & Armand Assante
WILL THERE REALLY BE A MORNING? (1983) w/Susan Blakely
WOMAN AGAINST THE WORLD (1938) w/Alice Moore
WOMEN AT WEST POINT (1979){TvM} w/Jameson Parker, Linda Purl & Andrew Stevens
WORD OF HONOR (1981){TvM} w/Karl Malden & Rue McClanahan
WRITER'S BLOCK (1991)V{TvM-} w/Morgan Fairchild

$15 1st Hand Sat Cap Transfer to DVD-R Tv Movies


DISCLOSURE ABOUT MADE FOR TV MOVIES THAT ARE 1ST HAND SAVES FROM STANDARD TV CAPTURE: I only offer transfers of movies that are my personal 1st hand saves ... not copies of copies, so best quality I have. That being said, please keep in mind they are older saves, on older vhs tapes & an intermittent imperfection may be present.... so if you're the picky type seeking perfection please pass and wait for an 'officially' remastered & released version, thank you! AND when a movie has been saved from a commercial channel source I choose not to diminish quality with an additional transfer to edit out the commercials. However, although I do not keep track of, nor do I have time to rewatch to check which did & did not, back when saved while airing if I happened to be watching I did occasionally edit out some or all of the commercials, BUT I am NOT an expert and edits may be imperfect, and only partial, and even when tried to may not be completely commercial free. And whether any commercials were edited out or not, the pop-ins, station watermark & coming up next promos etc would still be present.
IF I recall the commercial status of a movie will add according symbol next to title... 'with commercials' {C's}, 'commercials partially edited out' {CPO} and if think I managed to edit out all commercials while watching, {CO}. I also do NOT keep track of which movies have been saved in full screen or wide screen format.

After Jimmy {C's}(1996) w/ Meredith Baxter, Bruce Davison & Peter Facinelli
A Child's Cry For Help {C's}(1994) w/Veronica Hamel & Pam Dauber
A Mother's Revenge {CPO}(1993) w/Lesley Ann Warren
Augusta Gone {C's}(2006) w/Sharon Lawrence
Bad to the Bone {CO}(1997) w/Kristy Swanson
Bed of Lies {C's}(1992) w/Susan Dey
Best Friends {C's}(2005) w/Megan Gallagher
Black Widower {CO} (2006) w/Kelley McGillis
Broken Silence {C's}(1998) w/Susan Blakely
Crisis Point {CPO} (2012) w/Rhona Mitra
Dark Beauty {CO} (2008) AKA Black Widow w/Elizabeth Berkely
Daughters of Privilege {w/C's} (1991) w/Dick Van Dyke & Kate Vernon
Deadly Encounter {w/C's}(2004) AKA Over the Edge w/Laure Leighton
Determination of Death {CO}(2002) w/Marc Singer, Veronica Hamel & William Katt
Down Will Come Baby {C's}(1999) w/ Meredith Baxter & Evan Rachel Wood
Encounter With Danger {CO}(2009) w/Shannen Doherty
Engaged to Kill {C's}(2006) w/Joe Lando
Exposed {w/C's} (2011) w/Jodi Lyn O'Keefe & Peter Stebbings
Falsely Accused {C's}(1993) AKA Without a Kidd Goodbye w/Lisa Hartman
Family Sins {CO}(2004) w/Kirstie Alley
Fighting For My Daughter {C's}(1995) w/Lindsay Wagner & Chad Lowe
Forever 16 {CO}(2013) w/Tiera Skovbye
Hell Hath No Fury {C's}(1991) w/Barbara Eden
Her Deadly Rival {CO}(1995) w/Harry Hamlin & Annie Potts
Homecoming {CPO}(1996) w/Anne Bancroft
House of Secrets {C's}(1993) w/Melissa Gilbert, Bruce Boxleitner & Kate Vernon
In the Name of the People {C's}(2000) w/Amy Madigan, Richard Thomas & Scott Bakula
Like Mother, Like Daughter {C's}(2007) w/Michelle Stafford & William R. Moses
Like Mother Like Son: The Strange Story of Sante and Kenny Kime {C's}(2001) w/Mary Tyler Moore
Look Again {CPO}(2011) w/Morena Baccarin
Mother Knows Best {CO}(1997) w/Joanna Kearns, Grant Show, Jessica Walter & Christine Elise
Murder in a College Town {C's}(1997) AKA Whatever happened to Bobby Earl w/Kate Jackson & Kristian Alfonso
My Family's Secret {CPO}(2010) w/Nicholle Tom
Night Sins {C's}(1997) w/Valerie Bertinelli & Harry Hamlin
No Child of Mine {C's}(1993) w/Patty Duke & Susan Blakely
Out of Darkness {C's}(1994) w/Dianna Ross
Personal Indiscretions {CO}(2007) AKA Primal Doubt w/Janine Turner
Rivals {C's} (2000) w/Jennifer Finnigan
Secrets From Her Past {CO}(2011) w/Ashley Jones
Sybil {C's}(2007) w/Tammy Blanchard & Jessica Lange
The Husband She Met Online {C's}(2013) w/ Meredith Monroe
The Stranger I Married {C's}(2005) AKA The Man Who Lost Himself w/David James Elliott & Wendy Crewson
The Wrong Woman {CO}(2013) w/Danica McKellar
This Child is Mine {C's}(1985) w/Lindsay Wagner & Nancy McKeon
Too Close to Home {CO}(1997) w/Judith Light & Rick Schroeder
Unstable {w/C's}(2009) w/Shiri Appleby
Vows of Deception {C's}(1996) w/Cheryl Ladd & Nick Mancuso
We Have Your Husband {C's}(2011) w/Teri Polo
With Murder in Mind {C's}(1992) w/Elizabeth Montgomery & Robert Foxworth
Zoe Gone {CO}(2014) w/Sammi Hanratty

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