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Lifetime, LMN, Hallmark, UP Movies For Sale New Movies Added!!!

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Lifetime, LMN, Hallmark, UP Movies For Sale New Movies Added!!!
I Have A Pretty big collection of lifetime and hallmark movies if there is something you don't see ask and I'll be happy to see if I can find it for you. These will come on a Dvd-R disc and in a paper sleeve. The commercials have been edited out. The price is 8.00 a Piece or 5 Movies on 1 disc for 25.00 the prices include shipping. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask Thank you.
This is a continuation of the movie list from my other ad.

1123.Lies In Plain Sight
1124.Like A Country Song - UP
1125.Little Girl Lost The Delimar Vera Story
1126.Little John
1127.Live Once, Die Twice
1128.Living In Fear
1129.Liz & Dick
1130.Look Again
1131.Love Finds A Home
1132.Love Finds You In Charm
1133.Love Finds You In Sugarcreek
1134.Love Is A Four Letter Word
1135.Love Sick- Secrets Of A Sex Addict
1136.Love Takes Wing
1137.Love Thy Neighbor
1138.Lucky In Love
1139.Maid Of Honor
1140.Marry Us For Christmas - UP
1141.Mary Higgins Clark's Try To Remember
1142.Meet My Mom
1143.Merry Ex-Mas ION
1144.Mistaken Identity
1145.Mom At Sixteen
1146.Mom, Dad And Her
1147.Murder At My Door
1148.Murder In A College Town
1149.Murder In The Hamptons
1150.My Nanny's Secret
1151.My Neighbor's Keeper
1152.My Neighbors Secret
1153.My Silent Partner
1154.Night Of Terror
1156.No One Would Tell
1157.Nora Robert's Carnal Innocence
1158.Nora Robert's Carolina Moon
1159.Nora Robert's High Noon
1160.Nora Robert's Montana Sky
1161.Not With My Daughter
1162.Odd Girl Out
1163.Operation Cupcake
1164.Outrage In Glen Ridge
1165.Paper Angels - UP
1166.Pastor Brown
1167.Patricia Cornwell's The Front
1168.Personal Effects
1169.Point Last Seen
1170.Portrait Of Love 2014
1171.Puppy Love - Hallmark
1172.Raising Izzie
1173.Reading, Writing And Romance
1174.Relative Stranger
1175.Restless Virgins
1176.Rose Hill
1177.Runaway 2014
1178.Second Chances
1179.Secret At Arrow Lake
1180.Secret Liaison
1181.Secrets From Her Past
1182.Secrets In The Walls 2011
1183.Shadow Of Fear
1184.Sins Of The Mother
1185.Solstice 2008
1186.Somebody's Child
1187.Sorority Surrogate
1188.Special Delivery
1189.Stalked By My Neighbor
1191.Status Unknown
1192.Stealing Christmas - UP
1193.Still Small Voices
1194.Stolen Child
1195.Stolen From The Womb
1196.Strawberry Summer
1197.Student Seduction
1198.Sugar Daddies
1199.Summer Snow
1201.Taken For Ransom
1202.Taken- The Search For Sophie Parker
1203.Tall Hot Blonde
1204.The Carpenter's Miracle
1205.The Cheating Pact
1206.The Choking Game
1207.The Christmas Box - UP
1208.The Christmas Gift - UP
1209.The Christmas Parade - Hallamark
1210.The Christmas Secret - Hallmark
1211.The Face On The Milk Carton
1212.The Good Mistress
1213.The Good Mother
1214.The Haunting Of Molly Hartley
1215.The House Next Door 2006
1216.The Last Trimester
1217.The Love Of Her Life
1218.The Nanny Express
1219.The Other Man
1220.The Pact
1221.The Party Never Stops
1222.The Perfect Boss 2013
1223.The Perfect Nanny
1224.The Perfect Student
1225.The Perfect Summer
1226.The Preacher's Daughter
1227.The Real St. Nick
1228.The Santa Con
1229.The Secret Life Of Zoey
1230.The Stranger I Married
1231.The Suspect
1232.The Sweetest Gift
1233.The Trainer
1234.The Tree That Saved Christmas - UP
1235.The Twelve Trees Of Christmas
1236.The Watch
1237.The Way Back Home
1238.The Wronged Man
1239.Time Of Death
1240.Tipping Point
1241.To Have And To Hold
1242.To Save A Life UP
1243.Too Young To Be A Dad
1244.Too Young To Die
1245.True True Lie
1246.Twist Of Faith
1247.Unfinished Betrayal
1248.Unlikely Angel - UP
1249.Unwed Father
1251.View Of Terror
1252.Virtual Lies
1253.Watch Your Back 2015
1254.We Have Your Husband
1255.We Were The Mulvaneys
1256.What Comes Around
1257.Whisper Of Fear
1258.Will You Merry Me
1259.Window Wonderland
1260.Wuthering High School
1261.You Belong To Me
1262.A Friend To Die For
1263.A Girl's Bestfriend
1264.A Smile As Big As The Moon
1265.A Very Merry Mix Up 2013
1266.Abducted - A Father's Love 1996
1267.An Amish Murder
1268.Another Man's Wife 2011
1269.Anything But Christmas
1270.Apple Mortgage Cake
1271.Born To Ride
1273.Candles On Bay Street 2006
1274.Chasing A Dream
1275.Christmas Belle
1276.Christmas Wedding 2006
1277.Circle Of Friends
1278.Cleavland Abduction
1279.Coffee Shop
1280.Committed 2011
1281.Cries Unheard The Donna Yaklich Story
1282.Crossfire Trail
1283.Dance With Me
1284.Dark Desire 2012
1285.Dear Viola
1286.Dying To Belong
1287.Escape From Polygamy 2013
1288.Falling In Love With The Girl Next Door
1289.False Arrest
1290.Family Plan
1291.For Better Or For Worse
1292.Forget And Forgive
1293.Gone Missing
1294.Her Fatal Flaw
1296.I Want To Marry Ryan Banks
1298.Invisable Child
1299.It Was One Of Us
1300.Just Ask My Children
1301.Just The Way You Are
1302.Kidnapped The Hannah Anderson Story
1303.Killer Instinct from the Files of Agent Candice DeLong
1304.Lady in White 1988
1305.Legacy Of Fear
1306.Living With The Enemy
1307.Long Lost Son
1308.Looking For Mr. Right
1309.Lost In The Dark
1310.Love And Honor
1311.Love At First Kill
1312.Love Begins
1313.Love By Design
1314.Love Comes Softly 2003
1315.Love's Everlasting Courage
1317.Loving Leah
1318.Lying Eyes
1319.Midnight Stallion
1320.Missing At 17
1321.Mother, May I Sleep With Danger
1322.Mother's Of The Bride
1323.Mrs. Washington Goes To Smith
1324.Murder In My House
1325.Murder, She Baked A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery
1326.My Baby Is Missing
1327.After The Fall 2010
1328.My Best Friend's Wife
1329.My Dad Is A Soccer Mom
1330.My Daughters Secret
1331.My Gal Sunday
1332.My Mother's Future Husband
1333.Mystery Woman Game Time
1334.Mystery Woman Sing Me A Murder
1335.Mystery Woman Snapshot
1336.Natalee Holloway 2009
1337.Not Forgotten 2009
1338.Notes From Dad
1339.Oridnary Miracles
1340.Out Of Reach
1341.Past Lies
1342.Past Tense
1343.Perfect Child
1344.Possessing Piper Rose
1345.Profile For Murder
1346.Proof Of Lies
1347.Queen Sized
1348.Reviving Ophelia
1349.Riding The Bus With My Sister
1350.Rocky Road
1351.Romeo Killer The Chris Porco Story
1352.Saving Westbrook High
1353.Second To Die
1354.Seven Deadly Sins
1355.Seventeen Again
1356.Sex, Lies And Obession
1357.She Cried No
1358.She Drives Me Crazy
1359.She's No Angel
1360.Small Sacrafices
1361.Smoke Screen
1363.Sol Goode
1364.Someone Is Watching
1365.Sorority Wars
1366.Stealing Paradise
1367.Stockholm, Pennsylvania
1368.Summer Catch
1369.Taken The Search for Sophie Parker
1370.Taking A Chance On Love
1371.Tell Me No Lies
1372.Text To Kill
1373.The Accidental Witness
1374.The Boy Next Door
1375.The Deadly Look Of Love
1376.The Kane Files
1377.The Last Stand
1378.The Locket
1379.The Mentor
1380.The Music In Me
1381.The People Next Door 1996
1382.The Surrogacy Trap
1383.The Toyman Killer
1384.The Ultimate Life 2013
1385.The Wedding Chapel
1386.The Wishing Well 2009
1387.Thicker Then Water
1388.Three Weeks, Three Kids 2011
1389.Ties That Bind 2010
1390.Time And Again 2007
1391.Touched By A Killler
1392.Triple Dog
1393.Twist Of Faith 2016
1395.Unwed Father 1997
1396.What Color Is Love
1397.What I Did For Love
1398.Where's The Love
1399.Wild Hearts
1400.Signed Sealed Delivered The Impossible Dream 2015
1401.Signed Sealed Delivered Truth Be Told 2015
1402.The Christmas Shepard 2014
1403.Signed Sealed Delivered For Christmas
1404.Signed Sealed Delivered From Paris With Love
1405.Harvest Moon 2015
1406.Perfect Match 2015
1407.Garage Sale Mystery The Wedding Dress 2015
1408.Gourmet Detective 2015
1409.Gourmet Detective A Healthy Place To Die 2015
1410.Love Under The Stars 2015
1411.Mistletoe Over Manhatten 2011
1412.The Wild Girl 2010
1413.Angel's Sing 2013
1414.Buried Secrets 2015
1415.Good Witch Halloween 2015
1416.I Am Potential 2015
1417.October Kiss 2015
1418.The Nine Lives Of Christmas 2014
1419.The Tall Man 2012
1420.You Cast A Spell On Me 2015
1421.16 And Missing 2015
1422.Are You My Daughter? 2015
1423.A Sister's Revenge 2013
1424.Jesse Stone-Stone Cold 2005
1425.Jesse Stone-Night Passage 2006
1426.Jesse Stone-Death In Paradise 2006
1427.Jesse Stone-Sea Change 2007
1428.Jesse Stone-Thin Ice 2009
1429.Jesse Stone-No Remorse 2010
1430.Jesse Stone-Innocents Lost 2011
1431.Jesse Stone-Benefit Of The Doubt 2012
1432.Jesse Stone-Lost In Paradise 2015
1433.While My Pretty One Sleeps
1434.Love At The Thanksgiving Day Parade 2012
1435.Online Abduction 2015
1436.'Tis The Season For Love 2015
1437.12 Men Of Christmas 2009
1438.A Christmas Wish
1439.A Life Interrupted
1440.A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion
1441.A Way Back Home
1442.Angel's And Ornaments
1443.Battle Of The Bulbs
1444.Cancel Christmas
1445.Chasing Christmas
1446.Christmas Angel 2012
1447.Christmas Cupid
1448.Christmas Every Day
1449.Christmas For A Dollar
1450.Christmas Trade 2015
1452.Deck The Halls 2005
1453.Desperately Seeking Santa
1454.Edge Of The Garden 2011
1455.Fairfield Road 2010
1456.Farewell Mr. Kringle
1457.Finding John Christmas
1458.For The Love Of Grace 2010
1460.Growing The Big One
1461.Help For The Holidays 2012
1462.Hitched For The Holidays
1463.Holiday Baggage
1464.Holiday In Your Heart
1465.Holiday In Handcuffs
1466.Home For The Holidays
1467.I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
1468.A Dogwalkwalker's Christmas Tale 2015
1469.It's Christmas, Carol!
1470.Judicial Indiscretion
1471.Lies And Crimes
1472.Little House Bless All The Children
1473.Love You To Death
1474.Lucky Christmas
1475.Marry Me For Christmas
1476.Mary Higgins Clark's I'll Be Seeing You
1477.Meet The Santas
1478.Ms. Scrooge
1479.Naughty & Nice
1480.On Angel's Wings
1481.Our First Christmas
1482.Past Sins
1483.Pizza My Heart
1484.Playin' For Love
1485.Secrets Of A Undercover Wife
1486.Sex & The Single Mom
1487.The Angel Of Pennsylvania Avenue
1488.The Building
1489.The Christmas Choir
1490.The Christmas Pageant
1491.The Christmas Shepherd
1492.The Christmas Wish 1998
1493.The Dead Will Tell
1494.The George McKenna Story
1495.The Perfect Girlfriend 2015
1496.The Perfect Neighbor
1497.The Preacher's Sin 2015
1498.The Santa Incident
1499.The Santa Suit
1500.The Secret Of Hidden Lake
1501.The Three Gifts
1502.The Town Christmas Forgot
1503.The Wishing Tree 2012
1504.Time After Time
1505.Trigger Point 2015
1506.Two Wrongs
1507.What If...
1508.When Angel's Come To Town
1509.When Husband's Cheat
1510.William And Catherine-A Royal Romance
1511.12 Gifts Of Christmas 2015
1512.12 Wishes Of Christmas
1513.A Christmas Carol The Musical
1514.A Christmas Detour 2015
1515.A Christmas Mystery 2014
1516.A Christmas Proposal 2008
1517.A Christmas Wedding Date
1518.A Diva's Christmas Carol 2000
1519.A Gift Wrapped Christmas 2015
1520.A Mother Betrayed 2015
1521.A Prince For Christmas 2015
1522.A Christmas Memory 1997
1523.A Golden Christmas 2009
1524.A Holiday For Love 1996
1525.An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving
1526.Angel Of Christmas 2015
1527.Angel's In The Snow 2015
1528.Back To Christmas 2014
1529.Caught 2015
1530.Charming Christmas
1531.Christmas Incorporated 2015
1532.Christmas Miracle 2012
1533.Crazy For Christmas 2005
1534.Crown For Christmas 2015
1535.Debbie Macomber's Call Me Mrs. Miracle
1536.Debbie Macomber's Mr. Miracle
1537.Eloise At Christmastime 2003
1538.Final Jeporody
1539.Gift Of The Magi 2010
1540.Girl Missing 2015
1541.Mitch Albom's Have A Little Faith 2011
1542.Ice Sculpture Christmas 2015
1543.I'm Not Ready For Christmas 2015
1544.Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow 2015
1545.Love To Kill 2008
1546.Merry Matrimony 2015
1547.Miracle Run 2004
1548.Murder She Baked A Plum Pudding Mystery
1549.My One Christmas Wish 2015
1550.Nativity 2009
1551.Nativity 2 Danger In The Manger 2012
1552.Nativity 3 Dude Wheres My Donkey 2014
1553.Northpole Open For Christmas 2015
1554.Once Upon A Holiday 2015
1555.The Ryan White Story 1989
1556.Santa Baby 2006
1557.Santa Baby 2 Christmas Maybe 2009
1558.Santa Jr. 2002
1559.Scrooge Aka A Christmas Carol 1951
1560.Seasons Of Love 2014
1561.Secret Of Giving
1562.Snow 2004
1563.Snow 2 Brain Freeze 2008
1564.Snowglobe 2007
1565.Stolen Daughter 2015
1566.The Christmas Bunny 2010
1567.The Cutting Edge Fire And Ice
1568.The National Tree
1569.The Note 2007
1570.The Ultimate Gift
1571.The Christmas Heart 2012
1572.The Christmas Ornament 2013
1573.The Cutting Edge 1992
1574.Walled In 2008
1575.The Muppet Christmas Carol 1992
1576.The Thanksgiving House 2013
1577.Total Stanger 1999
1578.When The Sky Falls 2015
1579.Just In Time For Christmas 2015
1580.Merry Kissmas 2015
1581.The Flight Before Christmas 2015
1582.Wishin' And Hopin' 2014
1583.A Mother's Instinct 2015
1584.Magic Stocking 2015
1585.The Christmas Gift 2015
1586.Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge 2015
1587.How Sarah Got Her Wings 2015
1588.Last Chance For Christmas 2015
1589.The Christmas Note 2015
1590.Christmas In The Smokies 2015
1591.Rodeo And Juliet 2015
1592.Roald Dahl's Esio Trot 2015
1593.Dolly Parton's Coat Of Many Colors 2015
1594.Smart Cookies 2012
1595.A Baby For Christmas 2015
1596.A Christmas Reunion 2015
1597.Wish Upon A Christmas 2015
1598.The Wrong Girl 2015
1599.A Christmas Truce 2015
1600.Away And Back 2015
1601.Nothing Like The Holidays 2008
1602.So This Is Christmas 2013
1603.A Christmas Melody 2015
1604.A Very Larry Christmas 2014
1605.A Student's Obsession 2015
1606.The Spirit Of Christmas 2015
1607.Christmas Land 2015
1608.A Dad For Christmas 2006
1609.The Family Stone 2005
1610.Debbie Macomber's Dashing Through The Snow 2015
1611.Becoming Santa 2015
1612.On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas 2015
1613.A Killer Among Us 2012
1615.Judith Krantz's Princess Daisy
1616.Judith Krantz's Dazzle
1617.Mary Higgins Clark's The Cradle Will Fall
1618.Unstable 2009
1619.Choices Of The Heart
1620.Touched By Evil
1621.The Good Sister
1622.The Accident
1623.The Legend Of Billie Jean
1624.If Someone Had Known
1625.The Mystery Of Natalie Wood
1626.The Black Widow Murders
1627.Bed Of Lies
1628.Broken Silence
1629.Deadly Web 1996
1630.Lady Killers
1631.Danielle Steel's Daddy
1632.Danielle Steel's Star
1633.Deadly Pursuit
1634.Through The Eyes Of A Killer
1635.Past Obsessions
1636.Falling For You
1637.Intimate Strangers
1639.Debbie Macomber's Trading Christmas
1640.Debbie Macomber's Mrs. Miracle
1641.Determination Of Death
1642.Do No Harm
1643.Down In The Delta
1644.Family In Hiding
1645.Encounter With Danger
1646.Fatal Desire
1647.Fatal Obsession
1648.Fred Hammond's Christmas... Who Needs It
1649.I Have Your Children
1650.King's Ransom-BET
1651.Lucky Girl-BET
1652.Mary Higgins Clark's We'll Meet Again
1653.The Sons Of Mistletoe
1654.The Riverbank
1655.The Mistletones
1656.The Miracle Of The Cards
1657.The Love Letter-UP
1658.The Kid Who Loved Christmas
1659.The Case For Christmas
1660.Reluctant Witness 2014
1661.A Dangerous Arrangement 2015
1662.The Five Heartbeats-BET 1991
1663.A Holiday To Remember 1995
1664.35 And Ticking-BET
1665.Christmas Angel 2009
1666.Amish Grace
1667.Baggage Claim 2013-BET
1668.B.A.P.S 1997-BET
1669.Beyond The Headlines Murder In Mexico
1670.Black Widow 1998
1671.Black Widow 2008
1672.Boomerang 1992-BET
1673.Cradle Of Conspiracy
1674.Don't Wake Mommy 2016
1675.For The Love Of A Child
1676.Forever Love
1677.Glory 1989-BET
1678.Garage Sale Mystery Guilty Until Proven Innocent
1679.Heart And Souls 1993
1680.Holiday Road Trip
1681.Love In Paradise 2016
1682.Love's Complicated 2015
1675.Mariah Carey's Merriest Christmas 2015
1676.Murder At 75 Birch
1677.My Daughter Must Live
1678.My Sweet Audrina 2016
1679.Sister Code 2015-BET
1680.Something New 2006-BET
1681.The Best Man 1999-BET
1682.Stalked By My Doctor 2015
1683.The Housesitter 2015
1684.The Riverbank 2012
1685.The Wrong Roommate 2016
1686.The Husband She Met Online 2013
1687.A Christmas Snow 2010
1688.Abandoned 2010
1689.Above And Beyond
1690.Lies Of The Heart, Story Of Laurie Kellogg
1691.Under The Mistletoe
1692.A Beverly Hills Christmas
1693.A Carol Christmas
1694.A Christmas Wedding 2006
1695.A Day For Thanks On Walton's Mountain
1696.A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale 2015
1697.A Grandpa For Christmas
1698.A Teacher's Obsession 2015
1700.All's Fair In Love And Advertising 2013
1701.An Unexpected Love
1702.And Soon The Darkness
1703.Ann Tyler's Saint Maybe
1704.Annie Claus Is Coming To Town
1705.Bad Behavior
1706.Christmas Dance
1707.Christmas Twister
1708.Christmas Wedding Baby
1709.Christmas With Tucker
1710.Closer And Closer
1712.Deadly Matrimony
1713.Bad Sister 2016
1714.The Hurricane 1999-BET
1715.Crash 2006-BET
1716.Hello, It's Me 2015
1717.Beverly Lewis' The Confession 2013
1718.Falling In Love With The Girl Next Door 2006
1719.The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars And Motor Kings 1976-BET
1720.Lucky Girl 2001
1721.Love On The Sidelines 2016
1722.Murder She Baked A Peach Cobbler Mystery 2016
1723.The Wrong Car 2015
1724.911 Nightmare 2015
1725.Beverly Lewis The Reckoning 2015
1726.Black Coffee 2014
1727.The Red Dress
1728.Whitney:Beyond The Headlines
1729.Beyond The Headlines:Toni Braxton
1730.The Wishing Well
1731.Beyond The Headlines:Blue Eyed Butcher
1732.A Girl's Best Friend
1733.Unleashing Mr. Darcy
1734.Flower Shop Mystery Mum's The Word
1735.Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart
1736.All Things Valentine 2016
1737.Woman Thou Art Loosed On The 7th Day 2012-BET
1738.Dater's Handbook 2016
1739.Savage Messiah 2002
1740.Last Chance Harvey 2008
1741.Death Of A Cheerleader 1994
1742.The Secret Tapes Of The O.J. Case The Untold Story
1743.Lies Between Friends 2010
1744.O.J. Speaks The Hidden Tapes
1745.The Ultimate Legacy 2016
1746.Grease Live 2016
1747.Notes From The Heart Healer 2012
1748.Anything For Love 2016
1749.Appetite For Love 2016
1750.Beyond The Headlines Manson's Lost Girls 2016
1751.Cleveland Abduction Beyond The Headlines 2015
1752.Flashback 2016
1753.Heart Felt 2016
1754.Manson's Lost Girls 2016
1755.Mending Fences 2009
1756.Our Wild Hearts 2013
1757.To Be Fat Like Me 2007
1758.Undercover Brother 2002-BET
1759.Valentine Ever After 2016
1760.Blind Obsession 2002
1761.Love Finds You In Valentine 2016
1762.The Horse Whisperer 1998
1763.William & Catherine A Royal Romance 2011
1764.Always A Bride
1765.Captains Courageous
1766.Cookie Mobster
1767.Cupid Inc.
1768.Easy Heart
1769.From The Mixed-Up Files Of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
1770.Gentle Ben 2 Black Gold
1771.Hidden Places
1772.Little Men
1773.Love Begins
1774.Love Will Keep Us Together
1775.Love's Everlasting Courage
1776.Mary, Mother Of Jesus
1777.Oliver's Ghost
1778.Playing Father
1779.Rescuing Madison 2014
1780.The Reading Room
1781.The Right Girl
1782.The World's Fastest Indian
1783.Thicker Than Water
1784.Though None Go With Me
1786.Wild Hearts
1787.The Wishing Tree 1999
1788.Soda Springs 2012
1789.Speak 2004
1790.King's Faith 2013
1791.12 Years A Slave 2013
1792.A Christmas To Remember 1978
1793.A Fatal Obsession
1794.A Date To Die For 2016
1795.Abducted The Jocelyn Shaker Story 2016
1796.Among Raven's 2014
1797.Bastard Out Of Carolina 1996
1799.Casa Vita
1800.Chloe 2009
1801.Fighting The Odds The Marilyn Gambrell Story
1802.Friend Request
1803.Heart Of The Matter
1804.Ladies Of The House
1805.Legally Tender
1806.Murder Of Innocence
1807.Open Window 2006
1808.The Help 2011
1809.Twas The Night 2001
1810.When Duty Calls
1811.Wild Hearts
1813.Wrong Swipe 2016
1814.Signed, Sealed, Delivered From The Heart 2016
1815.Act Of Faith 2014
1816.All I Want For Christmas 2007
1817.Beyond The Headlines An Officer And A Murderer
1818.The Colony 1995
1819.Deck The Halls 2011
1820.Fall From Grace-Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker Story
1821.First Daughter 1999
1822.Holiday Affair 1996
1823.Holiday Wishes
1824.Hush Little Baby
1825.I Hope You Dance
1826.Jack's Family Adventure
1827.Let The Church Say Amen
1828.Lucky Girl-BET
1829.Painful Secrets
1830.Remorse 2014
1831.Taking A Chance On Love
1832.The Miracle Of Kathy Miller
1833.Ties That Bind 2006
1834.The Stepchild 2016
1835.Chasing Leprechauns
1836.Stranger In The House 2016
1837.Hearts Of Spring 2016
1838.The Cheerleader Murders 2016
1839.Final Destiny 2016
1840.All Yours 2016
1841.The Perfect Daughter 2016
1842.Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge Part 2 2016
1843.Mommy's Little Girl 2016
1844.The Other Wife 2016
1845.Break-Up Nightmare 2016
1846.Nightmare Nurse 2016
1847.Maid For Murder 2015
1848.Hunting Season 2013
1849.The Girl On The Train 2014
1850.The Suicide Note 2016
1851.Pregnant At 17
1852.Get Out Alive 2015
1853.Gifted Hands The Ben Carson Story
1854.Dear Frankie 2004
1855.Before He Wakes 1998
1856.Anybody's Nightmare
1857.Black Widow 1987
1858.Family Of Strangers
1859.Have You Seen My Son
1860.He Got Game-BET 1998
1861.Heart Of The Storm
1862.Kate's Addiction 1999
1863.Kruel 2014
1864.Lucky Girl 2016-BET
1865.Moondance Alexander 2007
1866.New In Town
1867.Next Stop Muder
1868.Perfectly Prudence 2011
1869.Real Murders An Aurora Teagarden Mystery 2015
1871.She Led Two Lives
1872.Sin Of Innocence
1873.The Haunting Of Lisa
1874.The King And Queen Of Moonlight Bay 2003
1875.The Loss Of A Teardrop Diamond 2008
1876.The Sitter 2007
1877.Who Is Clark Rockefeller 2010
1878.William And Catherine A Royal Romance 2011
1879.Your Love Never Fails 2011
1880.A Christmas Wedding Tail
1881.The Christmas Tree 1996
1882.November Rule 2015
1883.Undercover Wife 2016
1884.Below The Surface 2016
1885.Desperate Hours: An Amber Alert 2008
1886.Where's My Baby 2016
1887.I Didn't Kill My Sister 2016
1888.The Game Of Love 2016
1889.I Am Watching You 2016
1890.Trust No One 2015
1891.The Cabin 2011
1892.Abduction Of Kari Swenson
1893.Killer Collector 2015
1894.The Way She Moves 2001
1895.Second Sight 2016
1896.I Killed My BFF 2015
1897.Chasing Waterfalls 2016
1898.Murder 101 2006
1899.Splash Too 1988
1900.Remember Sunday 2013
1901.Love By Chance 2016
1902.Hear No Evil 2014
1903.Dying To Be Loved 2016
1904.Flower Shop Mystery Snipped In The Bud 2016
1905.Tulips In The Spring 2016
1906.Jack Of The Red Hearts 2015
1907.Seduced 2016
1908.House Of Darkness 2016
1909.Murder 101 If Wishes Were Horses 2007
1910.Pretty Little Addict 2016
1911.Karen Kingsbury's A Time to Dance 2016
1912.Out Of The Woods 2005
1913.Sandra Brown's White Hot 2016
1914.A Mother's Revenge 2015
1915.The Good Witch 2008
1916.The Good Witch's Garden 2009
1917.The Good Witch's Gift 2010
1918.The Good Witch's Family 2011
1919.The Good Witch's Charm 2012
1920.The Good Witch's Destiny 2013
1921.The Good Witches Wonder 2014
1922.Beyond The Headlines The Casey Antony Story
1923.A Family Reunion
1924.Dear Prudence 2008
1925.Love, Honor & Obey The Last Mafia Marriage (1993)
1926.Seduced Annd Betrayed
1927.Visions Of Murder
1928.Lies Before Kisses
1929.Two Of Hearts
1930.Death In Small Doses
1931.Is There Life Out There
1932.Beyond The Headlines The Grim Sleeper
1933.Fatal Performance
1934.How I Married My High School Crush
1936.The Bouquet 2013
1937.Date With Love 2016
1938.Wedding Bells 2016
1939.You May Now Kill The Bride 2016
1940.Running For Her Life 2016
1941.Roots 2016 Mini Series 4 Parts
1942.The Maid 2016
1943.Marriage Of Lies 2016
1944.Small Town Santa 2014
1945.Secret Summer 2016
1946.Change Of Heart 2016
1947.A Wife's Suspicion 2016
1948.Entity 2012
1950.Broken Promise 2016
1951.Ms. Matched 2016
1952.The Initiation Of Sarah 2006
1953.Home Of The Giants 2007
1954.The Winning Season 2009
1955.Tiger Cruise 2004
1956.Meet Prince Charming
1957.Kill Me Later 2001
1958.Where There's A Will 2006
1959.Hopeless Romantic 2016
1960.Reluctant Nanny 2016
1961.Don't Look Under The Bed 1999-Disney
1962.Jumping Ship 2001-Disney
1963.Stop The Wedding 2016
1964.The Memory Book 2014
1965.The Night Stalker 2016
1966.Killing Mommy 2016
1967.His Double Life 2016
1968.Three Bedrooms, One Corpse An Aurora Teagarden Mystery 2016
1969.Garage Sale Mystery The Novel Murders 2016
1970.The Lookalike 1990
1971.New Best Friend 2002
1973.I Know What I Saw 2007
1974.Bound And Babysitting 2015
1975.Mother, May I Sleep With Danger 2016
1976.The Inherited 2016
1977.Mafia Princess 1986
1978.The Convenient Groom 2016
1979.Survival On The Mountain 1997
1980.Flower Shop Mystery: Dearly Depotted 2016
1981.A Father's Secret 2016
1982.The Wedding March 2016
1983.Revenge Porn 2016
1984.Full Out 2015
1985.Center Stage On Pointe 2016
1986.Cayman Went 2009
1987.Savannah Sunrise 2016
1988.Gossip 2008
1989.Killer Assistant 2016
1990.The Wrong Child 2016
1991.Murder She Baked: A Deadly Recipe 2016
1992.A Friend Of The Family 2005
1993.Showing Roots 2016
1994.The Secret She Carried
1995.Justice For Natalee Holloway 2011
1996.Danielle Steele's Once In A Lifetime 1994
1997.A Perfect Christmas 2016
1998.A Son's Promise 1990
1999.A Weekend With The Family 2016 TvOne
2000.Marilyn The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe 2015
2001.The Shell Seekers 1989
2002.Babycakes 1989
2003.Bad Dad ReHab 2016 TvOne
2004.Captains Courageous 1996
2005.Flower Shop Mystery Dearly Depotted 2016
2006.For Love and Honor 2016
2007.Sudden Fury Aka A Family Torn Apart 1993
2008.Mother May I Sleep With Danger 2016
2009.Killer Coach 2016
2010.Indiscretion 2016
2011.My Son Is Innocent 1996
2012.It Had To Be You 2015
2013.Kazaam 1996
2014.Letter Never Sent 2015
2015.Lost In Love (Opa!) 2005
2016.Marilyn The Secret Life Of Marilyn Monroe 2015 Part 1
2017.Marilyn The Secret Life Of Marilyn Monroe 2015 Part 2
2018.Murder, She Baked A Deadly Recipe 2016 Hallmark
2019.My Summer Prince Hallmark 2016
2020.Star Struck 1994
2021.Rip Girls Disney
2022.Summer Villa 2016
2023.Survival on the Mountain 1997
2024.Sweet Surrender Hallmark 2014
2025.The Color Of Friendship 2000
2026.The Right Girl 2015
2027.The Secret She Kept 2016 (TvOne)
2028.The Wedding March 2016 Hallmark
2029.I Know Where Lizzie Is 2016
2030.Newlywed And Dead 2016
2031.Honeymoon From Hell 2016
2032.Echo 1997
2033.Deceptions 1985
2034.Tonya And Nancy 1994
2035.Defending Our Kids Julie Posey 2003
2036.The Thirteenth Year 1999
2037.You Wish! 2003
2038.White Water 2015
2039.Raise Your Voice
2040.Late Bloomer 2016
2041.A Time To Remember
2042.Win, Lose Or Love
2043.The Cookie Mobster
2044.Mystery Girl
2045.Adventures In Babysitting 2016
2046.Good Witch Season 1 Ep. 1-10
2047.Girlfriends Getaway 2013 TvOne
2048.Girlfriends Getaway 2 2014 TvOne
2049.Hidden Truth 2016
2050.Home Fires Burning 1989
2051.Den Brother 2010 Disney
2052.Blood Trap Aka Saving Emily
2053.Christmas In Wonderland
2054.Definitely Divorcing 2016
2055.God's Compass 2016 TvOne
2056.J.L. Family Ranch 2016
2057.Love Under New Management (Miki Howard) 2016 TvOne
2058.Runaway Island 2015 TvOne
2059.Ringside 2016 TvOne
2060.Magic Beyond Words The J.K. Rowling Story
2061.To Hell And Back 2015 TvOne
2062.Legacy 2008 Aka Pretty Little Devil's
2063.Perfect Sisters 2014
2064.Grand Champion 2002
2065.The Baby-Sitters Club 1995
2066.Summer Of Dreams 2016
2067.Little Savages 2016
2068.Menu For Murder 1990
2069.Stalked By My Doctor: The Return 2016
2070.I Dream Of Murder 2006
2071.Unwanted Guest 2016
2072.Twist Of Fate PixL
2073.Malpractice 2001
2074.The Real MVP The Wanda Durant Story
2075.Tiger Eyes 2012
2076.Seduced By A Thief
2077.Stranger With My Face 2009
2078.Emma's Chance 2016
2079.Love On A Limb 2016
2080.Phantom Of The Megaplex
2081.Rosemont 2015
2082.Sister Cities 2016
2083.Signed, Sealed, Delivered Lost Without You
2084.The Irresistible Blueberry Farm 2016
2085.Perfect Strangers Tv Show Seasons 1-8 Complete
2086.Quints 2000 Disney
2087.Beverly Hills 90210 Seasons 1-10 Complete
2088.Poison Ivy The Secret Society 2008
2089.Gimme Shelter 2013
2090.Rock This House 2011
2091.Why Me 1984
2092.Backstabbed 2016
2093.Boy In The Attic 2016
2094.Cruel Doubt 1992
2095.Sorority Nightmare 2016
2096.Summer In The City 2016
2097.Santa's Little Helper 2015
2098.A Mother's Escape 2016
2099.A Simple Wish 1997
2100.Autumn In The Vineyard 2016
2101.Death Al Dente: A Gourmet Detective Mystery 2016
2102.Genius 1999
2103.The Watcher 2016
2104.I Posed For Playboy
2105.Flirting With Forty
2106.Mommy's Secret 2016
2107.My Husband Is Missing 2016
2108.Displacement 2016
2109.An American Affair
2110.Stranger On My Land 1988
2111.Too Young The Hero 1988
2112.Pumpkin Pie Wars 2016
2113.Her Own Rules
2114.Family Secrets
2115.Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge, & Michel'le 2016
2116.Beyond The Headlines: Michel'le 2016
2117.Julius House An Aurora Teagarden Mystery 2016
2118.Who Killed My Husband 2016
2119.A Brave Heart 2015
2120.Christmas Comes To Willow Creek 1987
2121.Devil's Pond 2003
2122.Good Witch Secrets Of Grey House 2016
2123.Hailey Dean Mystery Murder, With Love 2016
2124.Hertiage Falls 2016-INSP
2125.Jean Of The Joneses 2016-TvOne
2126.The Swap 2016-Dsney
2127.Who Killed My Husband 2016
2128.The Three Investigators And The Secret Of Terror Castle 2009
2129.Pumpkin Pie Wars 2016
2130.Dangerous Pursuit 1990
2131.She Woke Up
2132.The Julius House An Aurora Teagarden Mystery 2016
2133.10 Year Reunion 2016
2134.A Wish For Christmas 2016
2135.A Christmas Kiss 2011
2136.A Christmas Kiss 2 2014
2137.A Perfect Christmas List 2014
2138.Accidentally Engaged 2016
2139.Advance & Retreat 2016
2140.Amish Witches The True Story Of Holmes County 2016
2141.Before And After
2142.Best Selling Murder 2016
2143.Beyond The Headlines Michel'le 2016
2144.Christmas Mail 2010
2145.Dead At 17
2146.Double Jeopardy Victim Of The Night 1996
2147.Every Christmas Has A Story 2016
2148.Funny Valentines
2149.Guilty Hearts 2002
2150.Heritage Falls 2016
2151.Hunger Point
2152.A Christmas To Remember 2016
2153.Living Proof
2154.Loretta Claiborne Story
2155.Lost Holiday The Jim And Suzanne Shemwell Story
2156.Love Always, Santa 2016
2157.Married By Christmas 2016
2158.Nightmare Wedding 2016
2159.Obsessed 1992
2160.Red Headed Stranger
2161.Remote Paradise 2016
2162.Saving Christmas 2015
2163.The Mistletoe Promise 2016
2164.Stand By Your Man
2165.The Preppie Murder
2166.Trackdown Finding The Goodbar Killer
2167.Trapped Child 2016
2168.Who Killed JonBenet 2016
2169.3 Holiday Tails 2011
2170.A Christmas In Vermont 2016
2171.A Cinderella Christmas 2016
2172.A December Bride 2016
2173.A Dream Of Christmas 2016
2174.A Firehouse Christmas 2016
2175.A Heavenly Christmas 2016
2176.A Husband For Christmas 2016
2177.A Nutcracker Christmas 2016
2178.A Puppy For Christmas 2016
2179.Broadcasting Christmas 2016
2180.Christmas Cookies 2016
2181.Christmas In Homestead 2016
2182.Death Of A Vegas Showgirl 2016
2183.Christmas List 2016
2184.Christmas With The Andersons 2016
2185.Dolly Parton's Christmas Of Many Colors-Circle Of Love 2016
2186.Falling For Christmas 2016
2187.Finding Father Chriistmas 2016
2188.Girlfriends Of Christmas Past 2016
2189.Hearts Of Christmas 2016
2190.Heaven Sent 2016
2191.I'll Be Home For Christmas 2016
2192.Journey Back To Christmas 2016
2193.Looks Like Christmas 2016
2194.Love You Like Christmas 2016
2195.Merry Christmas, Baby 2016
2196.My Christmas Dream 2016
2197.Operation Christmas 2016
2198.Recipe For Love 2014
2199.Season's Greetings 2016
2200.Sound Of Christmas 2016
2201.The Christmas Swap 2016
2202.The Rooftop Christmas Tree 2016
2203.Deadly Pursuits 1996

Lifetime, LMN, Hallmark, UP Movies For Sale New Movies Added!!!
Lifetime, LMN, Hallmark, UP Movies For Sale New Movies Added!!!
Lifetime, LMN, Hallmark, UP Movies For Sale New Movies Added!!!

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