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Lifetime DVDs, Rare movies, TV movies on DVD! Former ioffer seller re-listing =)

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Hello! =) I am a former Ioffer seller and as you may know, the site is down. I'm going to move all my inventory over here, (This will take some time). In the meantime, below is a list of movies I have in stock. :)

This is my TV Movies, Lifetime and Hallmark DVDs in one ad. Eventually, I will do categories, as I have HBO documentaries and tons of other stuff I sell.


Normally, these Movies would sell from $12.99- $20.00+ each DVD. But since ioffer went down, I need to start back selling.

Below is my list. =) Prices depend on how many you buy.

If you want one DVD, I can do it for roughly $12.99 (some of the older rare ones may be a few dollars more).
If you want 2, 3, 4, or 5+ DVDs, make me an offer. =)

I don't know how much longer I am going to sell movies, so grab them while you can! =)

Movies are below, in alphabetical order and the ones with a "*" at the end are my new titles. ~~~I will be adding more on~~~.

  • I take Paypal (I will invoice you), Debit, VISA and MC.

  • ALL order are 100% guaranteed to arrive or you will be refunded.

  • ~~~ This list WILL be changing. I have more movies I need to add. I also have documentaries. Please check back as my store will be expanding. PRICES WILL CHANGE. As I list individual ads, prices will go up, so take advantage of my low price now. =) ~~~~


    12 Hours to Live *
    7 Things to Do Before Im 30 *
    16 & Missing *
    The 19th Wife *
    15 Hours to Live
    8 Eight Days to Live
    15 & Pregnant (Kirsten Dunst)


    After School Specials (STARSTRUCK DVD Trini Alvarado VERY RARE 80s)*
    After School Specials (What Are Friends For? 1980 Dana Hill )
    After School Special (SchoolBoy Father 1980 ROB LOWE)*
    An Impudent Girl ( RARE LGBTQ L'effrontée )
    Another Womens Husband *
    An Unfinished Affair *
    The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom (Holly Hunter) *
    A Child Lost Forever: The Jerry Sherwood Story
    A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story
    A Mothers Revenge
    Ambers Story
    Amanda Knox: Murder in Italy
    Amanda Knox (Behind the Headlines)
    Abandoned and Deceived
    Amish Grace
    A Mothers Nightmare
    Another Mans Wife
    A Decent Proposal
    All-American Girl: The Mary K Leutorno Story
    Amy Fisher Movies: "Amy Fisher: My Story" (Noelle Parker)*
    *(I also have 2 other Amy Fisher Movies, one starring Alyssa Milano (Lethal Lolita) and "The Amy Fisher Story" stars Drew Barrymore)


    Big Bad Mama II (1987 Angie Dickinson) *
    Baby Sister ( Phoebe RARE 1983 TV Movie) *
    Born Innocent (1974 DVD Linda Blair)*
    Brians Song *
    The Boy Who Could Fly (1986 Fred Savage)*
    The Ballad of Lucy Whipple *
    Blue Smoke (Nora Roberts)
    Beyond the Headlines: FULL HOUSE *
    Beyond the Headlines: 90210 *
    Beyond the headlines: The Cleveland Abductions *
    Beyond the Headline*s: Melrose Place *
    Beyond the headlines: The Novack Murders *
    The Baby Sellers (Kirstie Alley) *
    Between Truth and Lies
    Behind The Candelabra (Liberace Story)
    Battered (80's Movie of the Week)
    The Best Little Girl in the World
    Blue Lagoon: The Awakening (2012)
    Bed of Lies
    Breach of Conduct
    Blind Trust
    Baby Snatcher (Nancy McKeow)(RARE!)
    The Baby Dance (Stockard Channing & Laura Dern)
    The Burning bed (Farrah Fawcett)
    The Betty Broderick Story: A Women Scorned (Meredith Baxter)
    Her Final Fury: The Betty Broderick Story (Meredith Baxter)


    Champions: A Love Story (1979 Jimmy McNichol, Jennifer Warren)
    California Dreaming (1979 Glynnis O'Connor)
    Children of the Night
    A Child's Cry for Help (Pam Dawber)
    Call me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fliess
    Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life
    Come on Get Happy: The Partridge Family Story
    Confessions of a Go-Go Girl
    Capturing the Craigslist Killer
    A Cry for Help: The Tracey Thurman Story(RARE!)
    Child of Rage (A girl is sexually brutalized as a child by her father.)
    Child Lost Forever: The Jerry Sherwood Story
    Cries Unheard: The Donna Yacklich Story (rare!)
    Children of Times Squares (1980's)(VERY RARE!)
    Come on Get Happy: (The Partridge Family Story)
    Co-Ed Call Girl (Tori Spelling) (RARE!)


    Disney Movie (Phantom of the Megaplex) 2000 Corinne Bohrer*
    Dangerous Curves (1988 Valerie Breiman)*
    Desperate Choices: To Save My Child (aka Solomons Choice 1992 Reese Witherspoon )*
    Demons from Her Past *
    Death in Small Doses 1995 (Tess Harper Glynnis O'Connor)*
    Dying to Remember (1993 Melissa Gilbert TV Movie)*
    Do You know the Muffin man? *
    The Double Life of Eleanor Kendall *
    Down Will Come Baby (Evan Rachael Wood)
    Diary of a Teenage Hitchhiker (1970's Movie of the Week)(RARE!)
    Daughter of the Street (80's) Roxanna Zal & John Stamos
    Death of a Cheerleader (also called: A friend to Die for) Tori Spelling
    Dying to Belong
    Defending Our Kids: Julie Posey
    A Decent Proposal
    The Disappearance of Christina (John Stamos)
    Death Clique
    Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway 1973*


    Ebbie (Susan Lucci)
    Eight Days to Live
    Escape from Terror: The Theresa Stamper Story
    Empty Cradle (Nancy McKeown) RARE!


    Family in Hiding *
    Flirting with Danger *
    Forget and Forgive *
    Flowers in the Attic (I also have "Petals on the wind") *
    The Face on the Milk Carton
    For the Love of Nancy (Tracey Gold)(RARE!)
    Fallen Angel
    "Fawn Story" 1975 After School Special (Kristy McNichol) *


    The Girl Who Came Gift Wrapped (1974 Farrah Fawcett) *
    The Garden of Eden DVD (1954 Nudist Film) *
    Gracies Choice *
    In Gods Country
    The Girl (Stars Sienna Miller as Tippi Hendren)
    Gone in the Night
    Glass House: The Good Mother
    Guilty of Innocence
    God Bless the Child (1987 RARE!) Mare Winningham
    The Gwen Araujo Story (transsexual Teen)


    Hotel Chevalier Movie (Natalie Portman RARE)*
    Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story
    Her Desperate Choice (Faith Ford)
    Half a Dozen Babies
    Hunger Point
    Hush Little Baby


    iBoy (2017)*
    It was One of Us *
    It Was Him or US (Richard Grieco)
    If Someone Had Known
    Identity Theft: The Michelle Brown Story!
    Indictment: The Mc Martin Trial
    In a Child's Name (Valerie Bertonelli) (RARE!)


    Johnny Belinda DVD (1982 TV Movie: Dennis Quiad & Rosanna Arquette)*
    Judicial Indiscretion *
    Just Ask My Children (Virginia Madson!)


    The Karen Carpenter Story
    The Kidnapping
    Kate's Secret (Meredith Baxter) (1986 RARE!)


    Long Journey Back (1978 Stephanie Zimbalist)*
    The Lookalike (1990 Melissa Gilbert)
    The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (2006 Jodie Foster)*
    Lies my Mother Told Me (Hayden Panettiere and Joely Richardson)
    Lies He Told
    Little Mo *
    Little Girls in Pretty Boxes (RARE!)
    Lying to be Perfect
    Little Girl Lost; The Delimar Vera Story (Based on a true story!)
    Little Darlings (1980 FULL UNCUT Movie: Matt Dillon & Kristy McNichol) (RARE!)


    Mistaken Identity aka Switched at Birth (1999 2003 MELISSA GILBERT) *
    Murder in the Hamptons *
    My Silent Partner *
    My Baby is Missing *
    Murder in Mexico ("Survivor" producer murders wife) *
    A Mothers Revenge
    Maid to Order (Ali Sheedy)
    Martha Inc.
    Mother Knows Best
    A Mothers Nightmare
    Murder in New Hampshire
    Martha Behind Bars
    Mother May I Sleep with Danger?
    The Mary Kay Leutorno Story
    Mockingbird Don't Sing (Based on infamous "feral child" Genie in 1970's CA.)


    Night Sun DVD (Based On Leo Tolstoy) *
    Nude on the Moon*
    The Night Listener (Robin Williams) *
    The Nightmare Nanny *
    The Novack Murders *
    Name of Love: A Texas Tragedy
    The Accidental Witness


    Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs
    Odd Girl Out *
    Overkill: Aileen Wournos Story (Jean Smart) *


    Phantom of the Megaplex (Disney Movie 2000 Corinne Bohrer)
    Past Sins *
    Pizza My Heart (2005 Shiri Appleby RARE ABC TV Movie)
    The Preachers Mistress*
    The Perfect Roomate *
    The Perfect Husband: Laci Peterson Story *
    The Perfect Neighbor *
    The Perfect Teacher *
    The Pact *
    Perfect Murder, Perfect Town (Jon Benet Ramsey)
    Perfect High *
    The Perfect Girlfriend
    Petals on the Wind (I also have "Flowers in the Attic") *
    The Pastors Wife
    The Partridge Family Story
    Past Sins
    Prosecuting Casey Anthony (Rob Lowe)
    Profoundly Normal (Kirstie Alley plays mentally handicapped women) (RARE!)


    Queen Sized *
    Quarterback Princess (Helen Hunt 1983)*


    The Runnin Kind (Julliette Lewis 1989)*
    Run For Your Life *
    The Rival
    THE RED MONKS (Lucio Fulci GORE I Frati Rossi) *


    SchoolBoy Father 1980 ROB LOWE (After School Special)*
    STARSTRUCK Trini Alvarado 80s (After School Specials)*
    Something About Amelia (1984 ABC TV Movie of the Week) Roxana Zal *
    Show me Love (1998 Lesbian Movie) *
    Solomons Choice (aka Desperate Choices: To Save My Child) 1992 Reese Witherspoon*
    Switched at Birth aka Mistaken Identity (1999 2003 MELISSA GILBERT) *
    Shattered Spirits (1986 Martin Sheen, Melinda Dillon)
    Secret Liaison *
    The Suspect *
    Stolen Innocence
    The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe
    Secrets of an Undercover Wife
    Small Sacrifices (1989) (Farrah Fawcett)(RARE!)
    She Cried No (Candace Cameron)
    Silent Cradle (Margot Kidder & Lorraine Bracco!)
    Oprah Show: Diane Downs daughter interview (This is the baby - now a women- that Diane Downs gave birth to in prison). She describes finding out out who her birth mother was, meeting her in prison and watching the film about her Mom's crimes (Diane Downs) called "Small Sacrifices".
    Snap Decision (Mare Winningham)
    The Secret Life of Zoey (Teen girl hooked on pills) Stars Mia Farrow
    Shattered Innocence (Based on porn Star Shauna Grant)(80's)(RARE!)
    Stolen Babies (Leah Thompson)


    Total Stranger *
    Too Good To Be True (Loni Anderson) *
    Tori Spelling: Lie Detector (documentary) *
    To Young to Die? (Stars Bratt Pitt & Juliette Lewis(RARE!)
    They Shoot Divas, Don't They? *
    Two Wrongs *
    Twelve Hours to Live
    Twisted Desire
    The 19th Wife *
    The Novack Murders *
    The Lookalike (1990 Melissa Gilbert) *
    The Pact *
    The Preachers Mistress*
    The Girl Who Came Gift Wrapped (1974 Farrah Fawcett)*
    The Garden of Eden DVD (1954 Nudist Film)*
    The Karen Carpenter Story
    The Perfect Teacher *
    The Perfect Neighbor *
    The Suspect *
    The Watch *
    The Perfect Roomate *
    The Perfect Husband: Laci Peterson Story *
    The Fab 5: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal *
    The Wives He Forgot *
    The Double Life of Eleanor Kendall *
    The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe *
    The Wife He Met Online
    The Baby Sellers *
    The Perfect Girlfriend *
    The Kidnapping (Judd Nelson)
    The Pastors Wife *
    The Girl (Stars Sienna Miller as Tippi Hendren)
    The Truth About Jane (Stockard Channing and RuPaul)
    The Nightmare Nanny *
    Thrill of the Kill
    The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children?


    Ungodly Acts *
    The Unauthorized SAVED BY THE BELL story *
    The Unauthorized FULL HOUSE story *
    Beyond the Headlines: FULL HOUSE *
    The Unauthorized Beverly Hills 90210 story *
    Beyond the Headlines: 90210 *
    Beyond the Headlines: The Novack Murders *
    The Unauthorized Melrose Place story *
    Beyond the Headlines: Melrose Place *


    Water Lillies (LGBTQ Movie)
    What Are Friends For? (1980 Dana Hill After School Special)*
    Vanished Without a Trace (1993)
    A Wardens Ransom *
    The Watch *
    Malicious (Molly Ringwald nude) *
    The Wives He Forgot (Molly Ringwald) *
    Wife, Mother, Murderer
    What She Knew
    The Wife He Met O*nline
    Victim of Love: The Shannon Mohr Story
    (Forensic Files: Shannon Mohr Case)

    ** Holiday Lifetime Movies! *

    Home By Christmas
    The Christmas List
    8 Eight Days to Live
    Holiday Switch
    A Holiday For Love (Melissa Gilbert)
    A Song for the Season (Naomi Judd)
    A Mom for Christmas
    A Grandpa for Christmas
    The Christmas Gift (John Denver)
    Ebbie (Susan Lucci)

    Lifetime DVDs, Rare movies, TV movies on DVD! Former ioffer seller re-listing =)
    Lifetime DVDs, Rare movies, TV movies on DVD! Former ioffer seller re-listing =)
    Lifetime DVDs, Rare movies, TV movies on DVD! Former ioffer seller re-listing =)

    This listing has been disabled, and is no longer available.


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