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Disc 1 -Personal Report Inc(Wayne Morris,Mike Connors)/ Johnny Nighthawk(Scott Brady)/ The Adventurer(Cesare Danova)/ The Adventurer(Gene Barry)/ Nurses(Loni Anderson)
Disc 2 -Ugliest Girl in Town(Peter Kastner)/Candid "Mike"/Brady(Myron Healey, Raymond Massey)
Disc 3 -Octavius & Me(Dub Taylor)/And Baby Makes Three(James Stacy, Joan Blondell)/Beach Patrol(Alex Nicol)/Female of the Species(Amanda Blake)
Disc 4 -Dark Intruder(Leslie Nielsen)/Hart of Honolulu(Warren Stevens)/Crossroads Avenger(Tom Keene)
Disc 5 -Border Town(Ed Nelson)/Now is Tomorrow(Charles Bickford)/Run Buddy Run(Jack Sheldon)/Orient Express(Steve Barclay)
Disc 6 -Roadblock(Mike Connors)/Manhunt(Broderick Crawford)/Counterspy(Don Megowan)
Disc 7 -Adventures of a Jungle Boy(Michael Carr Hartley)/Mandrake the Magician(Coe Norton, Woody Strode)/Boot and Saddles(Dewey Martin)/Screen Writer's Playhouse-"A String of Bluebeards"(Louis Jourdan)
Disc 8 -Robin's Hoods(Michael Beck)/Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer(Brian Keith)/Caballero(Cesar Romero)/Johnny Nighthawk(Scott Brady)
Disc 9 -Mr & Mrs Ryan(Sharon Stone)/Close encounters(Eva Gabor)/Big John Little john(Herb Edelman)/Acting Sheriff(Robert Goulet)
Disc 10 -Rio(James Best, Adam West)/Angie the Lieutenant(Angie Dickinson)/Hollywood house(Dick Wesson)
Disc 11 -Harry's Business(Ray Walston)/Bobby-Jo and the Big Apple Goodtime Band(Forrest Tucker, Season Hubley)/Shangri-La Palace(Jeff Yagher)/Mann of Action(John Ireland)
Disc 12 -The Gamblers(Charles Bickford)/Carrie Williams, Justice of the Peace(Margaret Lindsay)/The Great Merlini(Jerome Thor)/Brock Callahan(Ken Clark)
Disc 13 -Cool and Lam(Billy Pearson)/Simon Lash(Jock Mahoney)/Singing Marshal(Curly Bradley)/Birthright(Cece Whitney)
Disc 14 -The Jail(John Gavin)/Dr. Mike(Keith Andes)/Swiss Family Robinson(William Vann Rogers)
Disc 15 -Take Five(Dennis O'Keefe)/Travis Logan, DA(Vic Morrow)
Disc 16 -Al Haddon's Lamp(Robert Hutton, Buddy Ebsen)/Hardesty House(Susan Anton)/Harrigan and Son(Pat O'Brien/Roger Perry)/Room 222(Lloyd Haynes)
Disc 17 -Alexander the Great(William Shatner)/Man from the 25th Century(James Darren)/City Beneath the Sea(Glenn Corbett, James Brolin)/Eye Witness(Lee Bowman)
Disc 18 -Sea Divers(Rhodes Reason, John Smith)/Mark Saber(Tom Conway)/Sherlock Holmes(John Longden)/Time Out for Ginger(Candy Moore)
Disc 19 -Joe E. Brown Show/Operation ESP(Sheldon Leonard)/Flying Tigers: Swinging Sword(Richard Denning, Evelyn Ankers)/Sergeant and the Lady(Jack Lord, Peggy Castle)
Disc 20 -Jericho: Rope for a Lady(Guy Madison)/Partners(Casey Tibbs, Brandon DeWilde)/Diamond Jim(Dale Robinson)/The Forest Ranger(Dick Foran)
Disc 21-Ding Howe(Richard Denning)/Flying doctor(Richard Denning)/Parole: GP(Ed Nelson)
Disc 22. Brotherhood-Teri Hatcher/ Sons and Daughters-Lucie Arnaz
Disc 23. Command 5ive
Disc 24. Splash Too
Disc 25. I-Man
Disc 26. High School USA-Rick Nelson/ Jerry Mathers
Disc 27. Chevy Chase Talk Show pilot
Disc 28. Jackie Gleason's American Scene pilot kinescope
Disc 29. Search
Disc 30. Condor-Craig Stevens/ Kelly Preston
Disc 31.Independence-WESTERN pilot-John Bennett Perry
Disc 32.Combat High-George Clooney
Disc 33. Code Red/ Burns and Allen Show
Disc 34. Rooster pilot-Paul Williams
Disc 35. Northstar pilot-Greg Evigan/ Mitchell Ryan
Disc 36. Spirit-Sam J. Jones
Disc 37. Badlands 2005
Disc 38. Chameleon-Crystal Bernard
Disc 39. Game Shows-Cover Wars(pilot + ep)/ Super Jeopardy/ Super Monopoly
Disc 40. Callahan/ King of the Mountain/ Jackie Bison/ Shangri-La Paradise
Disc 41. 1990-Blossom/ Bar Girls(Joanna Cassidy)/ Dad's a Dog(David Steinberg)
Disc 42. Hercules"Princess of Troy"ep-Gordon Scott
Disc 43. Where I Live(Doug E. Doug)/ All-American Girl(m. Cho)/ Whole New Ballgame/ It Had to be You(Robert Urich)
Disc 44. Great Day pilot-Tim Conway
Disc 45. 8-20-90. Hull High(NBC)/ Life Stories(NBC)
Disc 46. B.R.A.T Patrol
Disc 47. Seaquest
Disc 48. Lucan
Disc 49. Shannon's Deal-Jaimie Sheridan
Disc 50. Callahan/ Sledgehammer unaired pilot
Disc 51. Steel Collar Man-Chuck Connors/ Rosanna Arquette
Disc 52. Mobile One pilot-Jackie Cooper/ Edd Byrnes
Disc 53. Beanpole/ Primetime Pets/ Guys Next Door/ Million Dollar Challenge(only 30 min)
Disc 54. 8-16-90 Ladies of Sweet Street(Doris Roberts/ Gloria DeHaven)/ Steel Magnolias
Disc 55. Ghost Story(Sebastian Cabot)/ Movin' On(Geoffrey Deuel/ Patrick Wayne)
Disc 56. Wednesday 9:30 PM(8:30 CT)-Ivan /sergei/ Costello/ Nothing in Common(Bill Macy)/ Everything's Relative
Disc 57. Comedy Week-Assignment/ Honey Bunnies/ The B/Fitch Hates Kibbe
Disc 58. Love at First Sight(3-82)/ One More Try(Lucie Arnaz). My Wildest Dreams(Lisa Ann Miller)/ Thanks!
Disc 59. Body and Soul(Peter Strauss)/ 18 Wheels of Justice(Billy Dee Williams)
Disc 60. 1st Years 4-2-91/ 413 Hope Street 9-11-97
Disc 61. Mommies/ Cafe Americain/ It Had to be You/ On Our Own
Disc 62. Best Defense(Steve Lawrence)/ Random Years/ Closer(Tom Selleck)/ Army Show ep 2
Disc 63. Raven(Lee Majors)/ Howie(Mandel)
Disc 64. Common Law-9-28-96/ Love and Marriage-9-28-96/ Love and War pilot + ep2
Disc 65. Adventures in Babysitting(9-7-89)/ A Girl's Life(Brooke Adams)/ American Nuclear(James Farentino)
Disc 66. Nick(Fox)/ Daddy's Girls/ Michael Hayes(9-15-97
Disc 67. Rerun Show/ Black Sheep(Jason bateman)/ Adam(Ferrara)
Disc 68. Gregory Harrison Show(7-31-83)/ Hot Prospects/ Curse of the Corn People (CBS Playhouse 8-1-89)
Disc 69. Townies/ Maggie Winters(1-6-99)/ Fish Police/ Clueless
Disc 70. Rivkin: Bounty Hunter
Disc 71. We Dare You(Bowser) 4-5-82/ Making the Grade/ Channel 99/ Smart Guys
Disc 72. Whatley by the Bay/ Sniff!/ Cheech Show/ Second Start
Disc 73. Johnsons are Here/ Limited Partners/ Heart and Soul
Disc 74. Bodyguard 6-20-00/ Buddy Faro
Disc 75. Anchorwoman
Disc 76. Astronaut Wives Club(3 eps)
Disc 77. Holmes and Yoyo/ AKA Pablo/ Gun Shy(Tim Thomerson)/ Mr. Smith
Disc 78. 2nd Edition/ Big 5/ the Line/ Small Victories
Disc 79. Just Life(V. Principal)/ Rewrite for Murder(George Clooney)
Disc 80. Dark Eyes(Kelly McGillis)/ Nothing Upstairs 8-11-90(Paul Provenza)
Disc 81. Dudley/ Any Day Now/ Maggie
Disc 82.Circle Game/ Faculty/ Louie Show/ Going Places
Disc 83. Streets of Beverly Hills(Brian Keith)/ Clippers(John Amos)/ Nuts and Bolts(Ric Little)/ In Trouble(Tim Thomerson/ Doris Roberts)
Disc 84. Claws/ Vidiots/ Ferris Beuhler / Parenthood(Begley)
Disc 85. Kingpins/ Sons of Gunz/ Sylvan in Paradise/ Bennett Brothers
Disc 86. 3 for the Road(Charlie Sheen)
Disc 87. Ninja Boxoffice with Reverend Bob
Disc 88. Dolphin Cove/ Stunt School
Disc 89. Philly Heat/ Tucker's Witch(only 16 min)
Disc 90. Camp Wilder/ Miriam Margulies/ Out all Night(Morris Chestnut)/ Nurses
Disc 91. Passion/ Acting Sheriff/ Roc/ Morton and Hayes
Disc 92. Midnight Special orig. Telethon pilot/ Coneheads
Disc 93. 13 13th Avenue/ Sutter's Bay/ Adam(Ferrara)
Disc 94. Ivan and Boris in Las Vegas(jumps)/ Christmas Came II the Sequel/ Moe's World
Disc 95. Defiance-WESTERN spinoff pilot from Laramie with Don Megowan
Disc 96. Sunday in Paris(Debbie Allen)/ Man in the Family(Ray Sharkey)/ Miss Jones(Christine Ebersol)
Disc 97. Slickers(Michael Richards)/ Micky and Nora(Ted Wass)/ Sawdust/ Mabel and Max
Disc 98. Circle Family(Max Baer Jr)/ Just in Time(Tim Matheson)/ Valerie
Disc 99. Tickets Please(Cleavon Little)/ Everything's Relative/ Cowboy Joe/ Mutts
Disc 100. Home Again/ Goodtime Girls/ Turnabout/ On Our Own
Disc 101. Turner and Hooch(NBC)/ Poochinski(NBC) 7-9-90/ His and Hers/ Hurricane Sam
Disc 102. Piece of Cake 8-5-90(TK Carter)/ His and Hers(DJ ep)/ Molloy finale/ Ghost Writer(Fox 8-15-90(Anthony Perkins)
Disc 103. Outpost 8-22-89 CBS Playhouse/ Hound Town(NBC)/ Only Temporarily 9-1-89
Disc 104. The Flockens(ABC 6-18-90/ Sporting Change/ Dr. Ruth's House(6-23-90)
Disc 105. Dr. Paradise/ Life on the Flipside/ First Impression/ Mutts
Disc 106. Related by Birth(Jamie Gertz)/ Couples(Jonathan Silverman)/ Capital News( Lloyd Bridges)
Disc 107. 16mm-Greatest Show on Earth/ The Islanders
Disc 108. Why on Earth/ Infiltrator(CBS Playhouse) Scott Bakula
Disc 109. Cara Williams Show/ Rockhopper/ Puppet Man/ King of the Building(Richard Lewis)
Disc 110. Lawless(Brian B)/ Bureau
Disc 111. 5 UP-2 Down(Cleavon Little)/ Kelly Kelly 4-20-98 Secret Lives of Men 10-1-98/ 1st Years 3-19-01
Disc 112. For the People(Lea Thompson)/ Mimi and Me 9-7-91 (Terry Farrell) CBS
Disc 113. Hitman(6-29-91) Dennis B.-ABC/ Maverick Square
Disc 114. Howie and Rose/ Turner and Hooch/ Coconut Downs
Disc 115. Doctors Wilde(Tim Bottoms)/ Traveling Man
Disc 116. Fort Figueroa/ Old Dogs(Robert Loggia)
Disc 117. B-Men(6-27-89 Summer Playhouse)/ Coming to America/ Shivers(Leslie Anne Down)
Disc 118. Doc Elliott(James Franciscus)/ Studio 5B
Disc 119. Doctor Dan(Jackie Cooper)/ Bobby Parker(Tom Poston)/ Ready and Willing(Jack Weston)
Disc 120. Elysian Fields/ Morning Glory/ Wally and Valentines(NBC 7-15-89)
Disc 121.Charlie/ Beanpole/ Primetime Pete
Disc 122. No Complaints/ Johnny's Garage/ Goodbye Charlie(Suzanne Somers)/ Hello Larry-pageant episode
Disc 123. In the House (NBC 7-1-81) Don Cheadle/ Danger Team (7-3-91 JW Shipp)/ Man in the Family(Ray Sharkey-7-3-91/ Belles of Bleeker Street(ABC 7-5-91)
Disc 124. Project Tin Man (ABC 7-30-90)/ Knife and Gun Club(Perry King)
Disc 125. Oh Henry(ABC 8-11-89)/ Baby Boom pilot/ Nikki and Alexander(NBC 8-16-89)/ Camp California
Disc 126. This is Your Life( w/ Dick Van Dyke)/ the Bakery(David Dukes)
Disc 127. Rough House/ Off Duty/ Checkered Flag(ABC-Pernell Roberts)
Disc 128. C-16/ Total Security(Belushi)
Disc 129. Lola(8-1-90)/ His and Hers(old flame)/ High Life(ABC 8-3-90 Tracy Scoggins)/ Anna NBC 8-25-90
Disc 130. Philby/ Somerset Square/(ABC 7-29-89)/ Mick and Frankie(ABC 7-30-89) Robert Forster
Disc 131. Glory Days/ Molloy pilot Fox 7-25-90/ Hollywood dog(Fox 7-25-90)
Disc 132. San Bardoo (ABC 8-11-89)/ Road Show(CBS Playhouse 8-15-89)
Disc 133. Crazy Dan Gatlin/ On the Edge
Disc 134. Doodles(Hoyt Axton)/ Baby on Board/ In the Lyon's Den/ Changing Patterns (Alex Rocco)
Disc 135. Fair Game(Richard Libertini)/ Gang of Four
Disc 136. Mulberry Street(CBS 8-8-90)(Connie Sellecca/ His and Hers-bad Doug/ Molloy ep/
I'm Home(CBS 8-8-90-Andrea Martin)
Disc 137. Cadets(1989)/ Fair Game(1 hour)/ Grown Ups(Howie Mandel)
Disc 138. Mom P.I.(CBC pilot-Stuart Margolin)/ Howie plot/ Tony Danza Show pilot 9-24-97/ Built to Last 9-24-97
Disc 139. Comedy Week-Death Benefits(Piscopo)/ Smiths(Martin Mull)/ the Couch(Leo and Liz pilot)/ Disaster at Buzz Creek(Don Rickles/ Don Knotts)
Disc 140. Starting New(CBS 9-489 Ricki Lake)/ Julie Brown the Show(9-4-89)/ Tough Cookies/ Hardcase(Dean Jones) jitters a little
DISC 141.SHAMUS 1975 pilot "A Matter of Wife and Death"-Rod Taylor-1 dvd
DISC 142. Unaired pilot Hazel, Hazel, Hazel(Shirley Booth)/ Howie(Will Hutchins)/ Broadside 9 episodes).
DISC 143. 16mm-Rio-Adam West & James Best/ EARP BROTHERS AND THE SILVER LADY-Don Collier as Wyatt and Henry Silva as Doc (no credits).
DISC 144. WESTERNS Elfego Baca(Manuel Rojas)/ Trail Blazer(Rory Calhoun)
DISC 145. Greatest Shows You Have Never Seen(host Faith Ford)pilot/ Krypton Factor(Dick Clark)/ Quick as a Flash(Boris Karloff)
DISC 146. Diamond Jim/ Big John(both with DALE ROBERTSON)
DISC 147. Legend of Jesse James(1965) pilot
DISC 148. Pauly pilot+ep 2(Pauly Shore)/Maggie pilot/ Wanda pilot
DISC 149. Mr and Mrs Dracula/ Happy(16mm)pilot/ Ozzie's Girls pilot/ Harry's Girls pilot#1(Larry Blyden)
DISC 150. TALL MAN unsold pilot(Michael Rennie)/ TALL MAN pilot (w/o/c)/ Pete Kelly's Blues with Jack Webb promo/ Hillbillies of Beverly Hills(unsold pilot)
DISC 151. GUN SHY(w/o/c)/ Scared Silly-Jeff Altman w/o/c/
DISC 152. 16mm COWBOY IN AFRICA-Chuck Connors pilot/ Harry's Girls pilot#1/ Harry's Girls pilot#2 (both with Larry Blyden)
DISC 153. Jack Webb's 25th Man(Ed Winters)/ Hardcase-Mickey Rourke(both 8-15-82)
DISC 154. Pidgeon Hunt-Dan Haggerty/ Man and the Challenge(George Nader)/ Visitor-Beulah Bondi and Charles Buchinski aka Charles Bronson/ Bulldog Drummond-Ludlow Affair
DISC 155. Hart of Honolulu-Warren Stevens/ Steel Collar Man-Chuck Connors/ Mr. Terrific-Alan Young pilot
DISC 156. Summer Playhouse-Jimmy Durante/ Three's a Crowd-Bill Bixby pilot/ Night Rider-Johnny Cash pilot/ Lola-Lesley Ann Warren pilot

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