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Single Wine Presentation Box with Tools
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
This gift box is 14 1/4 x 4 1/4 x 4 5/8 and includes: Stainless Steel Lever Waiter's Corkscrew, Stopper, Decanting Pourer & Foil Cutter. The tools fit snugly into the cream colored molded foam. Manufacturer: Cheap Humidors SKU: WBX
5 Cigar Sampler with FREE Travel Humidor
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
Yes, we have gone soooooo CRAZY that we are GIVING AWAY A CIGAR CADDY with every purchase of this 5 stick cigar sampler. Buy the 5 cigar sampler and we'll throw in a FREE 5 count Cigar Caddy - a $19.99 value for FREE! * Cigar supplies limited. If we run ...
Precise Cut Double Blade Guillotine Cutter
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
Are you one of those guys that likes everything perfect, all the time? Then this is the cutter for you. Some might call it idiot proof, but I like to call it perfection. This cutter only allows a very specific amount of cigar to get cut off each and ...
The San Souci Display Cigar Humidor
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
Finally a humidor for the truly paranoid. No longer do you have to wonder if your precious cigars are safe and sound, now you can easily see from across the room. This gorgeous 120 cigar humidor has three large glass surfaces to allow you to see your ...
Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro - Churchill
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro - Churchill Manufacturer: Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro SKU: CB-YGA7058
Ionic Smoke Eliminating Ashtray for Car or Home
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
This quiet motorized smokeless ashtray is a welcome addition to your car or home. This handy device actually pulls in the smoke and uses an activated carbon filter to turn your smoke into fresh air! Manufacturer: Cheap Humidors UPC: 844296011360 SKU: ...
The Griffins' - #300
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
The Griffins' - #300 Manufacturer: The Griffins' SKU: CB-GRA6544
Crystal Gel Humidifier
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
Our best selling crystal polymers are now available as part of our best selling Executive Humidifiers. A clear polycarbonate case houses 3 oz. of crystal gel just saturate with distilled water. A magnet attachment system holds the unit firmly under the ...
Rocky Patel Vintage Cigars - Robusto 1992
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
Rocky Patel Vintage Cigars - Robusto 1992 Manufacturer: Rocky Patel Vintage Cigars SKU: CB-VKA5550
Rocky Patel Vintage 03 Cameroon Cigars' - Toro
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
Rocky Patel Vintage 03 Cameroon Cigars' - Toro Manufacturer: Rocky Patel Vintage 03 Cameroon Cigars' SKU: CB-VKE6552
My Father Le Bijou 1922
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
My Father Le Bijou 1922 SKU: C1-MFC5547
Gran Habano Cabinet Selection
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
Gran Habano Cabinet Selection SKU: CB-GAC6060
Ave Maria - Charlemagne (double corona)
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
Ave Maria - Charlemagne (double corona) Manufacturer: Ave Maria SKU: CB-AVE7554
The Mega Combo Cigar Humidor
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
This is the ultimate combo package for the true cigar lover. You are saving a bundle verse buying all these items separately. You can now store your cigars in perfect style with this classy humidor, lighter, cutter, cigar tube and of course the Cigar ...
Perdomo Patriarch Cigars - Lonsdale Maduro
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
Perdomo Patriarch Cigars - Lonsdale Maduro Manufacturer: Perdomo Patriarch Cigars SKU: CB-PPB6542-M
Perdomo Champagne Noir Cigars
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
Perdomo Champagne Noir Cigars Manufacturer: Perdomo Champagne Noir Cigars SKU: C1-WGC7054-X
Palma Real - Toro
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
Palma Real - Toro Manufacturer: Palma Real SKU: CB-X7A6050
Desktop Humidor, Cigar and Accessories Combo
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
If you get Dad yet another tie for Fathers Day, please let us know about it so we can come over and slap you in the mouth. Dad deserves a lot better than that. This man did everything for you. The least you can do it get him something hell really ...
Nica Libre Potencia - Torpedo
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
Nica Libre Potencia - Torpedo SKU: CB-NLC6056
Tatuaje El Triunfador - No. 3
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
Tatuaje El Triunfador - No. 3 SKU: CB-3UE5646
Lotus L50 Rogue Double Jet Flame Lighter with Punch
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
The L50 Rogue'' dual flame torch lighter separates itself from the pack. All though it stands alone, it wont go too far with the built in pocket clip. This lighter is highly functional with a unique design. Make the flames as large as you would like ...
Gurkha Park Avenue - Torpedo
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
Gurkha Park Avenue - Torpedo Manufacturer: Gurkha Park Avenue SKU: CB-UEA6252
Don Smith - Churchill
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
Don Smith - Churchill Manufacturer: Don Smith SKU: CB-DSC7050
Flor De Oliva Cigars - Toro Maduro
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
Flor De Oliva Cigars - Toro Maduro Manufacturer: Flor De Oliva Cigars SKU: CB-FOB6050-M-20
King Edward - It's a Girl!
Seller: go.CheapHumidors
King Edward - It's a Girl! Manufacturer: King Edward SKU: DB-KEA5542-G
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Category: Food, Beverage & Tobacco
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